Time for Ricardo KaKa To Hang It Up

Earlier this year, I announced that KaKa should play his last year for the Orlando City Soccer Club this year, and when he injured himself this year and OCSC was able to successfully win without him, it somewhat proved the point. Once Kaka was back into the lineup, OCSC started to struggle, and was unable to sustain a winning streak that the fans were awaiting for. Yet, once again, KaKa has been left out of the lineup the last two games, and Orlando has successfully been able to win and tie during those two games.

While most would say that it is who they play, or what the circumstances are following the season, I still stand by saying that after this year, Ricardo KaKa should be either off of the team, or at least assume the back up role on the team. I honestly understand the argument of what KaKa has done for Orlando, and what he means to the team, but look at it from a business stand point. Look at how much KaKa makes compared to the next best player on the team. KaKa make a range of almost 10 Million a year, while the best goal scorer on Orlando, Cyle Larin, is still on his rookie contract. KaKa has been very unproductive this year, along with last year, but continues to show a “once in a lifetime” flash of what he used to be.

KaKa has publicly come out and states that he is more then willing to stay with OCSC, but at this point it comes down to price and the role that he will be assuming. KaKa is a staple in the both of OCSC in MLS, but as some point, to go forward, you have to drop some of the originals to proceed. As a huge Orlando City Soccer Club fan, I personally appreciate the love and support Ricardo KaKa has brought to the city, but from all of us here at Orlando, we believe it is time to move on.

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