AAC football Week 3: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, week 3 of the NCAA season is in the books and once again we have learned more about each team and some things we already knew. It’s only one game of the season for each team. However, check out the good, the bad, and the ugly for AAC football Week 3 action.

AAC Football: The good

In this category, has to be Memphis as they played No. 25 UCLA and came away with a win. This team is going to be a fun one to watch as the season continues on. I will have the opportunity to see them first hand when they visit UCF on September 30th.  I will also put USF in this category because even though they are not playing their best they are still now 3-0.

UCF has only played one game and won that game 61-17. Cincinnati is in this category as they won again and are now 2-1 even though their loss was to Michigan they played them tough in Michigan. Houston in this category as well as they are now 2-0 in Major Applewhite’s first season with a win against Arizona. Navy also had a bye and are sitting at 2-0.

AAC Football: The bad

These teams had bad weeks and are still good teams but are just under the good teams. Tulsa is in this category they had a tough matchup against OK State the first week and then played Toledo this week and lost in a shoot-out, they will be good and will be back amongst the top of the conference again.

SMU had the tall task of taking on No. 20 TCU and played well but in the end, TCU was too much and ended up winning 56-36. Even though they won this week, Temple struggled with UMass and that’s not good. Next week we will see where they are when they travel to USF.

AAC Football: The ugly

These teams are among the worst in the conference and will not be competing for the conference title. First, let’s start with a team who has looked the absolute worst.

ECU is 0-3 and has not been competitive in any of their games this season. Tulane whose only win was against Grambling State and was just waxed by Oklahoma 56-14 and don’t appear to be any good either. And last but not least is UConn. They have looked bad as the Huskies struggled against Holy Cross and then losing to Virginia, 38-18. They face ECU next Sunday and should get a win there.

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