Kennywood: Phantoms Revenge Might Be My New Favorite Hyper Coaster

Kennywood is one of the most beloved amusement parks in all of the world. Some of the classic coasters have been in operation since the 1920’s. And while Phantom’s Revenge might not be the oldest coaster at Kennywood, it makes a case as the parks best.

There is a lot of history with Phantom’s Revenge. Originally called Steel Phantom, this classic hyper coaster was built by Arrow Dynamics in 1991. In 2000, Morgan came in and did an extensive makeover on Phantom’s Revenge. The drop and length were increased, along with the removal of four loops. While I never got a chance to ride Steel Phantom, it’s hard to imagine it being better than what Phantom’s Revenge is now.

As with most coasters, the entrance sign needs to be top-notch. That’s a big thing for me when I judge a coaster. Phantom’s Revenge has quite the extravagant entrance. The cloaked Phantom with the coasters title on the front makes for one of the most elaborate and creepy entrances of any ride.

Phantom’s Revenge is one of the best hyper coasters I’ve been on. I’d have it placed behind Diamondback and Magnum XL-200, which is not bad by any means. There are a lot of unique traits about this coaster. The most noticeable being the second airtime hill longer than the first drop. That’s pretty much unheard of in the coaster world.

I wasn’t expecting to like the opening twist on Phantom’s Revenge. Surprisingly it was one of my favorite drops on any hypercoaster. You will get plenty of airtime that’s for sure. Although, the best place for airtime isn’t on the second drop. In fact, it’s on the many bunny hops that give you the best ejector airtime.

Overall, Phantom’s Revenge was quite smooth. The ride didn’t rattle me at all. The lap bars didn’t squish my thighs unlike some other hyper coasters ( Skyrush ), so it made for quite an enjoyable experience.

There are a few minor faults I have with Phantom’s Revenge. First, the lift hill is excruciatingly slow. You’re probably going up for a good minute and a half. Next, the operations weren’t very smooth either. At the opening of the park, Phantom’s Revenge was only running one train. The small lines I encountered could have been avoided with a second train.

Kennywood doesn’t have the best collection of new and exciting coasters. Phantom’s Revenge is the parks best attraction. It’s a coaster that should be on the bucket list of many, simply for its unique second drop. Don’t sleep on Phantom’s Revenge, it’s a great coaster.

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