Denver Broncos: Three Things to watch vs the Dallas Cowboys

The Denver Broncos played a near perfect game on Monday Night against the Los Angeles Chargers. In week 2, they have a much stiffer opponent in the Dallas Cowboys. However, this game plays right into the hands of the Broncos offense. The Cowboys should not find the successes they had Sunday Night. Here are this week’s three things to watch.

  1. Dallas Run Game

The Denver Broncos last week looked as though they sured up their run defense. A defense that finished 2016 ranked 28th against the run was much more sturdy Monday Night. They only allowed 64 yards to the Chargers. They are going to need that performance again Sunday against the Cowboys.

Dallas ran for 129 yards against one of the best front lines in the league. Everyone knows that Dallas does not want to keep the ball in the hands of Dak Prescott. Can the Broncos stop the run again on Sunday?

  1. The Broncos Run Game

This was something that returned in week one for the Denver Broncos. The Broncos were not a good running team in 2016. That lacked an offensive line and back that was willing to move the line. All that showed up again last week.

CJ Anderson and Jamaal Charles are a formidable 1-2 punch for the Broncos. OC Mike McCoy likes to run the football. He knows that this is best for not only sustained drives but for keeping the pressure off his young QB. Can they have better success than the New York Giants?

  1. Dallas Cowboys Secondary

This is by far the weakest area of the Cowboys defense. The only reason they had so much success in week one was two-fold. 1. The Giants receivers, without Odell Beckham Jr., are not a threat to anyone. 2. The Giants offensive line did not allow Eli Manning any time.

This should not be as easy for the Cowboys secondary this weekend. The Broncos receivers are much more experienced and the offensive line blocks. This could be a great game for Trevor Siemian.

The Denver Broncos are going to make some people surprised with the way they play. They have a tremendous defense and an offense that does the work. Put it all together and you have a solid football team. A team that should be successful against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday.

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