What A Trip To Kennywood Is Like On An August Sunday

Of all the theme parks I’ve been to, Kennywood is the most charming. The over 100-year-old amusement park has a lot of history behind it. Some rides and attractions are just as old as the park itself. So, what’s an experience at Kennywood like?

Getting to park at 10:30, I was one of the first in line for Phantoms Revenge. Seeing as to how the rides don’t open until 11, there was a little bit of a wait. I’m not entirely sure why Kennywood does this, as it’s quite an inconvenience to get inside the park and wait for a signature attraction.

Fortunately, Phantoms Revenge was well worth the wait. I got two rides on the coaster, waiting a total of about 5 minutes each time. The one train operation was slightly odd, but seeing as the park wasn’t busy at the time it made sense.

After my second ride on Phantoms Revenge, I headed over to The Exterminator, an indoor crazy mouse coaster. The ride experience is great. From the themed queue line to the coaster itself, things worked really well on Exterminator. My only complaint is the ride could do with a few more scares. You’re in a nearly pitch black building, with a theme that sets itself up for something to jump out at you. Still, the anticipation of something jumping out at me was enough of a thrill.

At about this time lunch was on the brain. Johnny Rockets sounded like the perfect option. Unlike the JR found at Cedar Point, this isn’t a full-service restaurant. Instead, you place your order at the counter and it’s delivered to your table. Overall, the burger I got was very good. Still, don’t think it’s better than that of a burger from Cedar Point. Also, be aware there are not free refills on drinks. It’s best to arrive for lunch about 11:30-11:45 as there was virtually no line.

My girlfriend and I decided to visit Ghostwood Estate, Kennywood’s interactive based dark ride. While this wasn’t the best I’ve been on, it was a lot better than most arcade shooting dark rides. The haunted house theme was really very good, I just wish I’d have focused more on that rather than the targets to shoot at.

On to the most disappointing part of the trip, the train. My girlfriend and I are theme park train aficionados. Unfortunately, the Kennywood railroad didn’t deliver. You don’t really get nice views. And it’s quite short. Not the scenic railway you’d be used to at most parks.

It was now time for Sky Rocket. This coaster packs a serious punch. The launch, while only reaching top speeds of 50 mph, is quite forceful. My main complaint with this coaster is that you’re stopped at the top of the first drop, killing any momentum you had from the launch. The coaster feels similar to a Eurofighter or Infinity coaster. It’s small and compact, which means it packs a serious punch.

Next up was Garfield’s Nightmare. Surprisingly this had the biggest queue in the entire park. Basically, a log flume ride themed to Garfield, it’s a fun experience for the kids. While it wasn’t the best-themed ride at the park, fans of the comic will fall in love with this attraction.

As our day finished up at Kennywood, I made my way to the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs. I’m a huge fan of magnets and was hoping to find a one with the Phantoms Revenge logo on it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one to be found. I settled on a basic Kennywood logo magnet. Also, I was a tad disappointed with the lack of merchandise catered to the rides, meaning shirts, hats, and sweatshirts.

At the end of the day, I found Kennywood to be a great park for everyone to enjoy. There are attractions the whole family can enjoy. It comes highly recommended by me. I didn’t get a chance to do the Kennywood’s wood coasters or Noah’s Ark but seeing as the park is within 2.5 hours of me, I’ll definitely be going back.

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