Cedar Point Hits A Homerun With Steel Vengeance Theme

Cedar Fair parks aren’t known much for much for themeing. That’s been the complete opposite as of late, as a string of coasters has focused more on the story to drive interest in the coaster. Steel Vengeance, the 2018 Hybrid coaster, has set the bar extremely high for Cedar Point. And most of all, it’s got a great story to tell.

Steel Vengeance is themed to the Frontier Land section of Cedar Point. This is also the location of Maverick. What’s best about the close proximity of these two coasters is that they both have an interesting backstory with each other. This makes it quite different, as Cedar Point hasn’t really given many coasters in its history a real backstory or theme.

According to the website of Cedar Point, the history of Steel Vengeance and Maverick goes like this

“They’re back. And they’re back with a VENGEANCE! Once intimidated and disrespected by the musings of Maverick, outcasts Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey has returned to FrontierTown to right the wrongs done to them and their fellow FrontierTown Folk.”

Basically, Steel Vengeance is the tool to get one over on Maverick. As both coasters are essentially competing in the same area of the park, it makes complete sense for them to forge some sort of rivalry with each other. The addition of a story like this adds to the theme of Frontier Town.

The best way for Cedar Point to incorporate this story into the park experience is the ability to play some sort of augmented reality game similar to that of Battle for Cedar Point. While in Frontier Town, park guests can battle each other for coaster supremacy. It would be very similar to what they have now, but exclusive to just these two coasters. Every inch of Frontier Town is linked to some sort of game or activity.

Lately, it feels like Cedar Point has had great ideas for names, mascots, and look of coasters but hasn’t put it into full effect. Gatekeeper, Rougarou, and Valravn all have interesting themes about them. It’s time Cedar Fair take augmented reality and storytelling to the next level at the park.

The cross-promotion of Maverick and Steel Vengeance is the next step in making Cedar Point better than what it already is. Why not add backstories to more coasters and link that to some sort of augmented reality game? It would add a lot of intrigue to rides. In my opinion, I’m more inclined to ride something if there is a good story attached to it. Why not create something similar to the Frontier Town rivalry?

Steel Vengeance will be Cedar Point’s best ride. The addition of the backstory only helps its case. Whether or not you love Maverick or not, this is exactly what the park needs to stir up interest in what will be their two most popular coasters. And If this works, expect a lot more storytelling and interactive moments for the coasters in the future.

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