NFL: WBLZ Week 2 Staff Predictions

Well, there were some surprises during the 2017-18 Week 1 NFL slate. How does week 2 pan out? The staff here at WBLZ has their predictions on how week 2 should play out. Check them out below.

Stephen Reed

Houston Texans@Cincinnati Bengals

Both teams come off of an embarrassing week one loss. However the Bengals line still proves to be the weakest link, and the Texans defense returns to form: Texans over Cincinnati 28-10

Cleveland Browns@Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore defense came out guns blazing week one. Shutting out the Bengals was no easy task, however, the Browns come in with a much-improved team. In the end, the Browns are still searching for their first victory after this week: Baltimore wins 17-14

Buffalo Bills@Carolina Panthers

Panthers defense much improved from a season ago, and the Bills are in an in-between stage. Not sure if their actual contenders or pretenders yet. Cam proves to be too much for the Bills defense: Panthers 28-17

Arizona Cardinals@Indianapolis Colts

Arizona still has a premiere defense, and the Colts have… Wait for it… Scott Tolzein. No brainer here: Cards 34-12

Tennessee Titans@Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC South battle here. Jacksonville had an impressive week one, and Tennessee let some people down. Can the Jags defense contain Mariota and company? Can the TItans defense stop Fournette? After much deliberation: Tennessee wins this one 21-20

Philadelphia Eagles@Kansas City Chiefs

Both teams come off of a week 1 win. The Chiefs beat the Defending SuperBowl champion Pats in the Thursday night opener, while the Eagles beat their division foe the Washington Redskins. Can Kareem Hunt repeat his success he had against this Eagles squad? Or does the Wentz train roll? Eagles have a tough time moving the ball against this Chiefs defense: Chiefs take it 28-17

New England Patriots@New Orleans Saints

Both teams come into this game 0-1, however, one team has something more to prove. Sam Bradford exposed this Saints defense on Monday Night football, expect the same out of TB12: Pats win big 36-17

Minnesota Vikings@Pittsburgh Steelers

Intriguing matchup in the ‘Burgh. Vikings offense ran all over the Saints Monday night, and Pittsburgh struggled against the Browns. Vikings defense is leaps and bounds better than the Browns defense and gives this Todd Haley offense headaches. However, Steelers manage to pull this out thanks to Chris Boswell: 29-26

Chicago Bears@Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs play their first game of the season this week and come out firing. Bears defense can’t stop all the weapons the Bucs offense has. Tampa Bay takes it easily: 34-12

Miami Dolphins@Los Angeles Chargers

Miami also plays their first game this weekend, how will Jay Cutler do? Can he pick apart the Chargers defense like Trevor Siemian did week 1? Can the Chargers offense play even better than they did against a weaker Dolphins defense? Philip RIvers gets the Chargers first win in LA: 24-20

New York Jets@Oakland Raiders

Oakland didn’t have as big of a week as everyone thought they would against Tennessee however still sit at 1-0. The Jets come off a loss to the Bills. Something Jets fans should get used to this year. The Raiders have no mercy running away with this one: 41-20

Dallas Cowboys@Denver Broncos

In what may be the matchup of the week the Cowboys pay a visit to Sports Authority Field. Both had big week 1 wins against divisional opponents. Can Dak Prescott have a big game against this tough defense? Can Siemian repeat his success? Broncos win: 28-21

Washington Redskins@Los Angeles Rams

The Skins couldn’t find an answer to Carson Wentz last weekend, and the Rams took it to the Colts. Jared Goff still has a lot to learn but lead the Rams to a 2-0 start in Head Coach Sean McVay’s first meeting with his old team. Rams defense proves to be too much: 24-20

San Francisco 49ers@Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks had a rough time against the Packers, while the 49ers failed to score a touchdown. San Francisco continues to have a problem scoring the ball: Seahawks win 31-9.

Green Bay Packers@Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have something to prove this year after losing in the SuperBowl. In an NFC championship game rematch, the Packers still have their struggles with this Falcons team. Atlanta wins 28-24.

Detroit Lions@New York Giants

Matthew Stafford is proving he is a top tier quarterback. He has tons of weapons around him and the Giants may not be able to cover them all. Kenny Golladay has another impressive game, and the Giants still have no running attack. Thus leading to the Giants falling to 0-2 and the Lions win 24-21.

NFL: Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups

Andrew Kim

Texans at Bengals

I am picking the Bengals at home because I think they can rebound after a terrible week 1 performance with their weapons on offense like Green and Eifert and their pass rush. Deshaun Watson will get pressured a lot with their offensive line and they don’t have enough fire power on offense to compete with the Bengals if Dalton minimizes turnovers and their run game gets going.

Browns at Ravens

I am picking the Ravens at home because of their defense and how they will make Kizer make some rookie mistakes and will also be pressured by the Ravens pass rush on the Browns offensive line, who struggled against the Steelers last week. Although the Browns defense is improved, the Ravens will control the clock by running the ball with West and Allen and Flacco could throw some deep shots against the Browns secondary if the run game is inefficient.

Bears at Buccaneers

I am picking the Buccaneers at home because of the weapons Jameis Winston has at the receiver and tight end position. The Bears defense did keep the Falcons offense in check but with an improved Bucs defense, I think Glennon will be overmatched and the run game will not do as well against the Bucs linebackers.

Vikings at Steelers

I am picking the Vikings because the offense is improved with Dalvin Cook and Bradford improving within the system with their receivers. Big Ben struggled with the Browns defense and needed Brown to have a great game to win so with a good Vikings defense, they could struggle again.

Patriots at Saints

I am picking the Patriots because Brady will want revenge for their week 1 loss against a struggling young saints defense. This could be a close one as both defenses struggled in week 1, but Brady will expose the saints defense with more weapons around him like Brandin Cooks.

Eagles at Chiefs

I am picking the Chiefs at home because of their receivers matching up to the Eagles corners. The Chiefs also have a sound defense and a good run game and while the Eagles defensive line is really good, I think Wentz struggles this week against a good Chiefs defense.

Titans at Jaguars

I am picking the Titans because I think the Titans defense will get turnovers on Blake Bortles and will try to game plan against Leonard Fournette in a Jags offense without Allen Robinson.The Titans should be able to run the ball more and have better protection against an improved Jags defense so Mariota should be able to find his weapons.

Cardinals at Colts

I am picking the Cardinals because Tolzien was bad as the starter in Week 1. The Colts could go with Jacoby Brissett but he has been given limited snaps as he was traded from the Patriots last week and Carson Palmer should find his receivers against a young Colts secondary.

Bills at Panthers

I am picking the Panthers at home because Cam Newton’s protection on the offensive line has improved and the Panthers defense is still formidable with their linebackers and defensive line. Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense just squeaked by the Jets defense so they might struggle against a better defense.

Jets at Raiders

I am picking the Raiders at home because they are the better overall team on offense and defense. The Jets offense was anemic and will struggle against the Raiders defense that held a better Titans offense.

Dolphins at Chargers

I am picking the Chargers at home because they almost beat the Broncos that were at home and the Chargers offense could give the dolphins defense a bit of a problem. While the Dolphins offense is pretty good, they still have Jay Cutler and he might make a few mistakes on a good chargers defense overall.

49ers at Seahawks

I am picking the Seahawks at home because I think Bryan Hoyer will have trouble with the Seahawks defense and Russell Wilson should rebound from last week. Although both defensive lines can take advantage of both offensive lines, the 49ers secondary is not as good and the Seahawk receivers could find some separation.

Redskins at Rams

I am picking the Rams at home due to the struggling Redskins offense with Kirk Cousins. I don’t think they will find a lot of success with Aaron Donald coming back to the Rams defense and if Goff limits turnovers and the Rams offense runs the ball well with Gurley, they could put up as many points as last week.

Cowboys at Broncos

I am picking the Cowboys because the Broncos defense could struggle against Ezekiel Elliott if he plays. The Cowboys offensive line can protect Dak Prescott well enough to throw the ball to his receivers, even against a really good Broncos defense.

Packers at Falcons

I am picking the Packers because of Rodgers and his weapons against a Falcons defense that didn’t play as well without Shanahan.The Packers defense is improved and should be better against a Falcons offense that also struggled against the Bears defense last week.

Lions at Giants

I am picking the Lions because of Stafford and the weapons he has on offense. Also, Eli Manning and the Giants offense overall has been terrible, including the offensive line and the run game, and even though they get Odell Beckham Jr. back, I don’t think they can score a lot of points against an improved Lions defense.


Baltimore Ravens sign Josh Woodrum back to the Practice Squad and restructure Brandon Williams contract


Joel Schafer

Texas at Bengals

There is no way Andy Dalton is that bad again. Watson gets his first start and will look okay. Bengals 20-17.

Bills at Panthers

Panthers shut down Shady.  Cam continues where he left off last week.  Panthers 28-10

 Vikings at Steelers

Vikings won’t look nearly as good against a top ten Defense. Steelers have too many good receivers.  Steelers 24-17

Patriots at Saints

Tom Brady makes the Patriots march up and down the field all day.  Saints are hoping to get into a shootout but they don’t have the firepower anymore.  Patriots 38-20

Eagles at Chiefs

Chiefs defense is good and will prove it again.  Eagles won’t match up well with Kelce who was quiet last week.  24-20  Chiefs

Jets at Raiders

Jets are trying to lose every game this year. Derek Carr lights up the Jets. Raiders 35-10

Cowboys at Broncos

Dez goes off after being held in check.  Denver doesn’t have enough offense to keep up. 20-17  Dallas

Redskins at Rams

Goff comes back down to earth after a great week one performance. Cousins wins it with a late drive. 17-14  Redskins #httr

Bears at Buccaneers: Bears will do some damage on the ground again, but will not be good thru the air. Winston will clean up this Bears defense.  Bucs 24-17

Cardinals at Colts

Colts have no defense and no offense. If the Cardinals don’t win they have problems.  28-7 Cardinals

Browns at Ravens

Browns will keep it close and then do what they always do, lose.  Raven look like they have a really good defense again. Ravens 21-17

Titans at Jaguars

Jaguars defense will do some damage control and make the Titans settle for 3 all day. Bortles will have a good day for the second consecutive week. Jaguars 24- 20

Dolphins at Chargers

Rivers will be better this week and keep the Chargers in the game. Jay Ajayi will surge through the defense and have a great game. Dolphins 27-20

49ers at Seahawks

Wilson will stay upright most of the day and shred the 9ers defense. Carlos Hyde is most of the 49ers offense and will be held in check. Seahawks 28- 16

Packers at Falcons

Rodgers vs Ryan this could be a who has the ball last game.  Falcons  31-28

Lions at Giants

Jenoris Jenkins gets torched by Kenny Golladay. Eli has a sub par day.  Lions 24- 20

Mike Esposito

Texans @ Bengals

Give me Houston as they have the most promise to improve. Cincy looked bad against the Ravens and Houston looked bad with Savage in. They got in an early hole and could not escape forcing Watson to throw a lot. This weeks game plan will be better.

Bills @ Panthers

Panthers looked good but hard to tell against SF. Bills looked decent but against a team who might go 0-16. Give me the Panthers at home.

Titans @ Jaguars

Is this the new and improved Jax Defense we will expect to see or is this a fake this week will tell in an early season division matchup. Titans lost to a good Raiders team but they will rebound and take this must win AFC South Matchup. Titans win.

Patriots @ Saints

Yeah right, Tom Brady starting the season 0-2 I don’t think so. I think we should use the #prayforthesaints because it is not going to be pretty for them. Sorry New Orleans you will start the season 0-2. Of course, I’ll take the Patriots.

Vikings @ Steelers

Pittsburgh at home coming off the road win in Cleveland I think they will get it done but wouldn’t shock me if the Vikes win the game. But give me the Steelers.

Eagles @ Chiefs

Andy Reid against his old team with the new and Improved Alex “Longball” Smith. The chiefs looked real good, eagles looked decent but were gifted a Touchdown at the end of their game. Give me the long ball and the Chiefs.

Cardinals @ Colts

Cardinals played well for 2 and a half quarters and then lost David Johnson Colts didn’t play well at all this is a no brainer. Give me the Cardinals.

Bears @ Buccaneers

Bears looked good against the Falcons and we have yet to see the Bucs play but when they do I believe it will be something amazing. Look for the Bucs to win big.

Browns @ Ravens

I am not sold on Baltimore just yet but I will tell you this much no Woodhead could be a major problem for them. Deshon Kizer is the real deal and this may the week he gets his first win. Give me the Brownies.

Jets @ Raiders

Biggest line of the week and that’s because it is an absolute no doubter. Give me the Raiders.

Dolphins @ Chargers

Miami had to wait an extra week to play its first game. LA looked decent. Give me the Dolphins on the road.

49ers @ Seahawks

Seattle’s offense looked awful and it was a reflection of poor offensive line play. SF looked dead and has no chance in this one. Give me Seattle at home.

Cowboys @ Broncos

Dallas is 2 point favorites on the road. If that same defense that played the Giants on Sunday night shows up Dallas will win this one if not it may turn into a who scores last contest. Give me the Cowboys.

Redskins @ Rams

Redskins were another team who had to deal with terrible offensive line play. Rams looked unstoppable but it was against the Colts. Give me the Rams in a close one.

Packers @ Falcons

28-3 hosts the team they knocked out to advance to the Super Bowl. It’s opening night at that new stadium and I believe the Falcons will move to 2-0 and Ryan and Jones will get back on track. Give me the Falcons.

Lions @ Giants

I think the Lions are one of the most underrated teams this year and they will be back in the playoffs and this week they get the win against the Giants. Give me the Lions.

 Sean Naylor

Texans at Bengals

Houston is figuring out they should have started DeShaun Watson all along. He gets his chance to shine in primetime on Thursday night. Bengals offensive struggles continue. Texans win!

 Bills at Panthers

Buffalo comes make down from their victory high. They do not have the same offensive success this week. Panthers win!

Titans at Jags

The Jaguars defense looked the part last week. A different opponent this week. That equals a different outcome. Titans win!

Patriots at Saints

Tom Brady will take this personally. Saints, even at home will face a barrage of bombs. Patriots win!

Vikings at Steelers

Steelers defense will be tested this week. I am not sure Sam Bradford has repeated success. Steelers win!

Eagles at Chiefs

Chiefs suffered strongly on defense. Will the loss of Eric Berry hurt them? Carson Wentz looks ready to grow. Eagles win!

Cardinals at Colts

Arizona had a tough time with Detroit. Indianapolis is not Detroit. Cardinals bounce back. Cardinals win!

Bears at Buccaneers

The Bucs get an extra week to prepare. They are playing for a damaged state. Bears take the hit. Bucs win!

Browns at Ravens

Are the Ravens as good as their shutout suggests? DeShon Kizer is the future in Cleveland. Upset special! Browns win!

Jets at Raiders

Jets are already making my bold prediction look bad. Raiders easy. Raiders win!

Dolphins at Chargers

Miami set up camp in LA. Jay Cutler leads the Dolphins in front of less than 30,000. Dolphins win!

49ers at Seahawks

While Shanahan has the 49ers playing better, this one is not close. Seahawks are the superior. Seahawks win!

Cowboys at Broncos

Dallas was not tested in week one. That will be different this week. The Broncos give them fits. Broncos win!

Redskins at Rams

Jared Goff faces a lot of blitzes. The pressure will be on the Redskins offense to succeed. Tough task against this Rams defense. Scary pick, Redskins win!

Packers at Falcons

Green Bay defense is legit. Falcons offense struggled in Chicago. Unfortunate opening to a beautiful stadium. Packers win!

Lions at Giants

Lions are the most underrated team in the NFC and maybe even the league. Ziggy Ansah and Co. have their way with the Giants O-line. Lions win!

Denver Broncos: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF from Week One

Jon Blayne

Houston Texans over the Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Ravens in Week 1 and have a short week to prep for the Texans who have a good offense.

Baltimore Ravens over Cleveland Browns

The Browns have a few injury problems and it will be shown.

Buffalo Bills over Carolina Panthers

Coming off the week 1 win against the Jets will help the Bills in Week 2.

Arizona Cardinals over Indianapolis Colts

No Luck.

Titans over Jaguars

Titans look to have potential.

Chiefs over Eagles

Having the surprising week 1 win, I see the Chiefs carrying that heading into Week 2.

Patriots over Saints

Pats and Brady won’t be in a good mood.

Steelers over Vikings

Vikings played well in week 1, however, they are heading to Pittsburgh and it is tough to play at Heinz Field.

Bucs over Bears

Bears have a lot of troubles and Tampa Bay had a bye in week 1 due to Irma.

Dolphins over Chargers

Having the Week 1 bye due to Irma may help the Dolphins.

Raiders over Jets

The Jets are not good.

Seahawks over 49ers

While these teams play each other tough, I don’t see the 49ers winning it.

Broncos over Cowboys

While the Cowboys played well in Week 1, they now need to play a team in Denver that won’t be a cakewalk.

Falcons over Packers

Falcons don’t want to ruin their home opener in the new stadium.

Giants over the Lions

Giants will be out for vengeance after losing to the Cowboys.

How do you think NFL Week 2 will come out? Will your team come out on top? We hope you enjoy the games.



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