Denver Broncos: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF from Week One

When the Denver Broncos took the field Monday Night, they did so with one thing in mind. They wanted to prove to everyone that they are a contender in the tough AFC West. After one game, they sure look ready. How much can you tell off one game? Not a whole lot. Here is the good, the bad, and the WTF from Monday Night.

The Good

Trevor Siemian

There is a reason why he won the QB job. The Denver Broncos have always had confidence in his abilities to lead. That is why they have not gone out and signed a veteran QB. Siemian was 17/28 for 219 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT Monday. He was in rhythm for most of the game. He even made plays with his legs. That is something that he is not known for. If the Broncos can continue to get this level of play from Siemian all season, they will be successful.

The Run Defense

It was an unexpected performance from the Denver Broncos run defense in 2016. They finished 28th in the league. However, that stifling run defense returned on Monday. They held the Los Angeles Chargers 64 yards on 22 carries. That is an average of 3 yards per carry. If the run defense is this tough all season long, the Broncos will not only be division contenders but AFC contenders as well.

The Bad

Pass Rush

The Denver Broncos are typically known for their pass rush. Last night they only got to Chargers QB Philip Rivers only one time. Late in the game, after the Broncos had turnovers on consecutive drives, the pass rush needed to show up. They allowed Rivers time to find open receivers. He eventually would tame the “No Fly Zone” allowing the Chargers to get back into the game.


Von Miller

It will not be too often that Von Miller is on this list. Probably more not than often. However, when you are making the money that the Denver Broncos are paying him, you need to show up when your team needs you. His presence on the field alone is not enough. It may help at times, opening it up for other players. However, when a play is needed, you sir need to be felt.

Isaiah McKenzie

Why is this kid only returning punts? He is a very exciting player. He has tremendous speed and plays with no fear. This kid could make a living in the NFL as a pure kick returner. NOT just a punt returner. I think the Denver Broncos need to explore putting him back on kickoffs.

Next up for the Denver Broncos is a Sunday afternoon tilt against the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos will need the run defense to perform as well as they did on Monday Night. If they get the same offensive performance, the team could make it a long afternoon for the Cowboys.

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