Texas football: Longhorns look to rebound vs San Jose State

During the game last week, fans learned a lot about this year’s edition of the Texas football squad. Under the new head coach, many fans expected an instant turnaround. Due to Tom Herman’s success in Houston, it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Longhorns were on the rise. However, as fans saw, it almost seemed like the exact opposite.

While the Longhorns were at least able to fight back, the defense’s inability to stop Maryland (among other things) ended any hope of a Longhorns win. They struggled on defense, however, there were some positive things to note in the game as a whole. Tom Herman showed Longhorns fans that there is no fear in his coaching style. After watching this game, it seemed like Herman had no problem trying to gain large amounts of field position.

Shane Buechele was leaned on heavily to get the Longhorns down the field. Quite the opposite can be said for the running game. In fact, during the 51-41 loss, the defense and run game were visibly the worst part of the Longhorns’ game.

Chris Warren just couldn’t get his feet going at all last week, and will need to in order for the Longhorns to even survive San Jose State. Buechele and the pass game (for those that don’t keep a record of numbers) seemed like they were the only part of the offense that worked.

As Tom Herman liked what he saw, he began to depend on the pass game more. Just like in professional sports, if a team is one dimensional, it does not bode well for them during game time. When the team opposing the one dimensional team sees an obvious weakness, that team has no problem exposing said weakness.

Warren, if given the chance, can help give this Longhorns a much more potent offense against San Jose State. However, the chance to do so must make itself known.

Allowing 135 passing yards per game, San Jose State will look to eliminate what seems to be the most potent part of this Longhorns team. While the Longhorns sit at 0-1 on the young season, the Spartans sit at 1-1.

Now, in case the question “what’s your point?” arises, the lack of a passing game can actually show the Longhorns why patience is necessary for success. Both San Jose State seem to be ready, “looking to be ready” is a whole different animal from actually being ready.

The Longhorns will have to have a more balanced approach to the San Jose squad. One dimensional teams will not go far in any league. They will need to put the first impressions left on the field last week behind them, and focus on this team. San Jose State and Texas will be fun. Trying to figure out who the better team is, now that’s more entertaining.

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