Washington Redskins: 3 things to watch against the Philadelphia Eagles

The time has come. The 2017-18 Washington Redskins season is upon us. Will this team be better or worse than many expect them to be? Their first test comes against the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. How will they perform when it counts? Here are three things to watch for on Sunday afternoon.

  1. Will the play calling change?

It is no longer a secret that Sean McVay was a tremendous play caller and coach. I still feel that he was one of the biggest reasons for the growth of Kirk Cousins. Now that he has moved on to bigger pastures, Head Coach Jay Gruden takes over the play calling duties.

There are some in the circles that believe this could be a problem. However, Jay Gruden is an awesome play caller. Even though McVay was the primary play caller, Gruden still had input on some of the important plays. There will not be an issue to Gruden calling the plays. In fact, we may even become more balanced, which could be a good thing.

  1. Will the offense start slow?

The offense of the Washington Redskin has been off-beat the entire preseason. Will this carry over to the regular season? The QBs internal clock has been off. He has been just a tick off on his passes. Has he gained his timing over the last two weeks?

The running game was not very explosive either. For having one of the best pass protecting lines in the league, their run blocking has been non-existent. If this team wants to get to the places they talk about the will have to get the running game going.

  1. Has the defense improved?

The defense of the Washington Redskins has been historically bad over that last two seasons. This has led to many changes on that side of the ball. Gone is the DC and steps in a new DC, Greg Manusky.

Manusky has had his success as a defensive coordinator with both the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers.

The Redskins now have a solid combo of youth and veteran leadership on the defense. This should help improve this defense. If Manusky uses it in the right way. If it does improve the next question is how quickly does it come together.

There is no more time for talk. It is time to put all your troubles behind you and begin to play. The games now count. If the Washington Redskins want to return to the top of the division we will need to see these questioned answered and more. Enjoy the game!!

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