Denver Broncos: Three Things to watch against the Los Angeles Chargers

The Denver Broncos are prepared to start their 2017-18 campaign on Monday Night. They are the second game of the Monday Night Doubleheader. Their opponent will be the division rival Los Angeles Chargers. Will the Broncos be ready to perform under the spotlight? Here are three things to watch during their game against the Chargers.

  1. Is Vance Joseph ready to be a head coach?

All indications point to yes. He was very successful in the preseason. However, preseason indications can be very untelling. Prior to the hiring of Gary Kubiak, Denver Broncos General Manager, John Elway was moments away from naming Vance Joseph his head coach. Denver wanted him.

Now Joseph gets his opportunity to show what he has. He has youth and veteran leadership on both sides of the ball. If he is able to continued growth out of his QB, Joseph and the Broncos could be a very strong position. Not only for 2017 but the future as well.

  1. Is the defense ready?

It is a well-known commodity, in the NFL, that the Denver Broncos have a great defense. Not just good, great. However, the Los Angeles Chargers seem to always perform well against them. Especially in Denver. Will this year be different? Or will Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense continue to perform well in the Mile High City?

  1. Trevor Siemian

The biggest question mark heading into 2017-18 for the Denver Broncos was who was going to play QB. That question was easily answered 2 weeks into the preseason. Now it is go time. Trevor Siemian, according to Vance Joseph and John Elway is the Broncos QB. Even with the recent signing of the journeyman, Brock Osweiler, Siemian is the guy.

However, will Trevor Siemian be looking over his shoulder knowing that there is another QB just itching to get back on the field? If he does, we could see a switch at QB that some do not want to see. Nevertheless, this team, for now, belongs to Trevor Siemian. Make the most of it kid!

The Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers will wrap up the week one slate of NFL games. The Broncos feel that they have a team to return to the playoffs. It starts by winning your division games. Fortunately for Denver that crack comes right out the gate.

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