Big 12 Conference Football: Will Week 2 Bring More Upsets?

Week 1 presented some absolutely shocking upsets for the world of college football. Then again, the world of college football saw some beatings coming. Oklahoma, Kansas State, and TCU were some of the brightest shining schools in the Big 12 Conference last week. Now, as the teams move forward, fans will get to see if the first impressions from game one were accurate.

There are nine games from the Big 12 this week, and nine chances for any redemption from mistakes made last week. Some teams also have a chance to sustain the momentum of staying undefeated as well.

Your NCAA Big 12 Conference Word of the day: Momentum.

Oklahoma State University vs South Alabama

Game 1 to start week 2 in the Big 12, fans will get to see the Oklahoma State Cowboys take on South Alabama. Oklahoma State wasted little time in showing the Big 12 Conference that they weren’t playing around this year. Oklahoma State dispatched the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes 59-24. South Alabama is coming off a less than stellar performance during week one. Can South Alabama stop the riled up Oklahoma State Cowboys?

Iowa vs Iowa State

Inter-state rivalries are some of the most fun to watch. With two teams in the same state duking it to show in-state supremacy, the college fans can’t lose. As the two teams fight it out for in-state dominance, the fans of each are brought together for one common bond; To cheer their team to victory. Given Iowa State’s performance last week, only one question remains. Can Iowa State muster up the energy to come out victorious?

Charlotte vs Kansas State

For the college fan that likes high scoring games, this might be the game for you. After the 55-19 win over Central Arkansas, K-State’s offense comes in white hot. Scoring 55 points in just the opening game of the season, have they set the tone for a fast paced offense? Also, can the Wildcat defense stay as strong all year?

East Carolina vs West Virginia

West Virginia made its presence felt in Big 12 Conference play with a disappointing loss. After a valiant effort from the Mountaineers to keep up with Virginia Tech, the game ended in a 31-24 loss to the Hokies. With the loss leaving a bitter taste in the staff and team’s mouths, one has to wonder how angry the Mountaineers will be by game time. An angry WVU team would certainly make this game more interesting than it seems on paper.

Arkansas vs TCU

Both teams started out the new season with a bang. Arkansas scored a whopping 49 points while only allowing seven. For TCU, the Horned Frogs managed to put up 63 points while allowing zero. What this screams already, is “defensive battle”. Both teams are talented on offense and defense. However, one must outmatch the other to get a victory. This has the makings of a defensive shootout.

San Jose State vs Texas

San Jose State currently has a record of 1-1. The first game the Spartans played was against the University of South Florida Bulls. During the game against USF, the score indicates that the Spartans just couldn’t keep up. A week later, the Spartans would defeat Cal-Poly 34-13. Going into this game, San Jose is being outscored 76-56. If Texas can get their game together, there may still be time for them to make noise in more games.

Kansas vs CentralMichigan

This game looks to be another interesting one that could be over quickly. Then again, if Kansas doesn’t come out firing, it might be a good game. One thing to make note of is momentum. Whoever has the momentum going in for the game this week will have it after the game is completed.

Ohio State vs Oklahoma

Ohio State University and Oklahoma University have ranked among the top of the NCAA football polls for a fairly long while. Being two of the biggest power house teams in all of college football, one can expect a championship caliber game. Both of these rosters have talent from one end to the other. It is difficult to predict a winner this game, however, whoever it is, it has to have the utmost focus.

Baylor vs University of Texas San Antonio

The Baylor Bears were dealt one of the most upsetting losses in all of college football last week. After seemingly having the game in hand, the Bears would eventually lose to Liberty.

After a loss like that, it might be safe to say that confidence is lacking. Then again, against a team like UTSA, Baylor very well could gain some ground.

There are your teams playing this weekend from the Big 12 Conference. Some teams will have to fight to get the bitter taste of a first-week loss out of the mouth. Some, on the other hand, will have the chance to continue to build momentum. Either way, for college football fans, it will be an entertaining slate of games.

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