JJ Watt for Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award

HOUSTON, Texas (Sept. 6, 2017) – The Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award is an award given at the NFL Awards Program to the most charitable player in the league, and Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is making an early case for his nomination.

Recently, the Houston area was stuck with tragedy due to Hurricane Harvey. Hope and helplessness filled with despair filled the streets of the city and the surrounding areas as the wicked waters flushed away everything that was important. But then, almost as if coming on a white horse, JJ decided that he was going to try to raise $200k through his foundation to help the community.

Well, that was two weeks ago, so what is it at today?

It is a twenty million dollars raised to help the people of Houston. How is he helping them though? Anyone can raise money right? Here is where JJ Watt shows off his massive heart in the following tweet.

“Just the beginning” he says. One thing that is seen through the images above is that JJ along with a few other Houston Texans are actually there distributing things like water, diapers, and other supplies needed to help their community. There is a lot of charitable giving in the NFL, but past the occasional visit to the children’s hospital it is not often you see the players putting in this kind of work to help their communities. That is what makes him stand out, is that people can actually see in the photos that he is physically there handing things out.

Tragedies are horrible in nature, but as we have seen throughout history, when horrid things happen to large communities, it actually does a decent job of bringing people together. They also wipe out things like statuses and social order to remind us that we are all human. JJ Watt is arguably the face of Houston sports, so to see him performing servant leadership is an example that we can all follow and appreciate no matter what team we follow, no matter what faith we are apart of, this is human kindness, and this is who we all should strive to be.


**Mandatory Photo Credit for featured image: http://www.bet.com/news/sports/2017/09/03/here-s-how-jj-watt-plans-to-spend-the–18-million-he-raised-for-.html

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