Handicapping Week 1 of the 2017-18 NFL Season

Well, the 7-month long wait is finally over and starting tomorrow we will have NFL football back and better than ever.  We have some question marks for this season and how it will play out over the next 5 months.  I am going to be doing a weekly piece giving advice on betting the NFL this season and which games are iffy and which are locks. I will break down each game and give you my pick for the game. I will also keep a running record if you would like to keep a record of your own picks just comment on each article before the first set of games kicks off for that week and I will keep your record and mention you in the following article. So without further ado here is the Week 1 matchups with Point Spreads.

Thursday 09/07/2017

  • Kansas City Chiefs +9 @ New England Patriots
    • Pick- Take the Patriots and lay the 9 points they probably win by 10.
    • This is a tough game because they are the defending champs but is that number too large for a team that made the playoffs last year? They were a 12-4 team and the 2 seed in the playoffs. But I can’t bet against Belichick history shows that.

Sunday 09/10/2017 1:00 Games

  • Atlanta Falcons -7 @ Chicago Bears
    • Pick- Take Atlanta and lay the 7 points this may end up being a 28-14 game.
    • If Atlanta is as prolific on offense as they were last year this game won’t be a contest and I believe Chicago will be better in year 3 of the Fox regime. Just won’t be against the defending NFC Champs.
  • Philadelphia Eagles -1 @ Washington Redskins
    • Pick- Washington give me the home underdog in this game
    • Anytime you have an NFC East battle and have a road team as the favorite, odds are you need to take the Home team.  It is impossible to predict how this game will play out but I stand by my pick Washington to win the game.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers -9 @ Cleveland Browns
    • Pick- I may regret this but give me Cleveland and the 9 points.
    • Yes, it’s true the Steelers have owned the Browns in the past since Big Ben has been the QB but I will say I like the improvement that Cleveland has shown. Maybe they don’t win the game outright but maybe they only lose by one touchdown.
  • Baltimore Ravens +3 @ Cincinnati Bengals
    • Pick- Cincinnati at home should win this game as I believe they will have a rebound season.
    •  Hopefully, with the addition of John Ross, this will make the offense come back to life, this game is a toss up and can go either way at this point. But I will ride with the home team with home field advantage usually playing a huge part in these games.
  • Arizona Cardinals -1.5 @ Detroit Lions
    • Pick- Arizona giving the point and a half.
    • This may be the most interesting game of the week, as I think this is the easiest one to predict. I believe Arizona will be better than last year and this game will be their example to the rest of the league.
  • New York Jets +9 @ Buffalo Bills
    • Pick- Give me the bills giving 9 points
    • The Bills have a lot of young upside talent highlighted by Zay Jones, and the Jets well they are the Jets are they are going to contend for 0-16 this season.
  • Oakland Raiders +1.5 @ Tennessee Titans
    • Pick- Oakland a 12-4 team underdogs in week 1? Give me the Raiders with the points.
    • Yes, I understand Tennessee has improved and should contend for the division and possible wild card spot but Oakland went 12-4 last year until I see differently I will trust they are still good.

Sunday 4:00 Games

  • Indianapolis Colts +3.5 @ Los Angeles Rams
    • Pick- Los Angeles Rams giving the 3.5 points
    • No Luck means lots of trouble for Colts, this team can’t get lucky with Luck as he is injured and missing yet another start. Tolizen will be the starter but they are hoping only for week 1 and that Luck will be back week 2. LA is improved on offense with the addition of Sammy Watkins and should win comfortably.
  • Seattle Seahawks +3 @ Green Bay Packers
    • Pick- Seattle and the 3 points
    • Anytime you can get a team whose defense is that good with points you take it. They may not win the game but even if they lose by 3 you still push. Green Bay is good but they are getting older it will be an interesting game for sure.
  • Carolina Panthers -6 @ San Francisco 49ers
    • Pick- 49ers and the 6 points
    • This Panthers team wasn’t good in 2016 and neither was the 49ers. Yes, the Panthers have more talent and will probably win the game but if you made me choose I feel like the 49ers could be that team no one sees coming and has a good season.

Sunday Night 8:30 Game

  • New York Giants +3.5 @ Dallas Cowboys
    • Pick- Dallas and the points.
    • What we do know is Zeke will be playing in this one, what we don’t know is if ODB will be.  Without ODB this offense takes a hit and I think it will make a difference in the game.

Monday Night 7:00 Game

  • New Orleans +3.5 @ Minnesota Vikings
    • Pick- New Orleans and the points
    • All day Adrian Petersen returns home to his former team in this week 1 matchup. The high powered New Orleans offense adds depth at RB now and has 2 horses that can run. Minnesota is still in a semi rebuilding phase so I will give the nod to New Orleans.

Monday Night 10:00 Game

  • Los Angeles Chargers +3.5 @ Denver Broncos
    • Pick- Denver giving the 3.5 Points
    • Well LA who had no teams 2 years ago now has its second team in a matter of 2 years. They have tons of weapons on offense but this Denver team is very good on D and they will keep them at bay for the most part. This is one of those games though where I would not be shocked if the Chargers pulled the upset. As a matter of fact, if this game wasn’t in Denver, LA would have been my pick.

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