NFL: Five Bold Predictions for the 2017-18 Season

The 2017-18 NFL Season is upon us. The time is now to see what cream will rise and what dumpsters will burn. Kickoff is just two days away. I am sure you are making plans for your weekend kick off parties. Here are five bold predictions that you can talk about at your party.

  1. The New York Jets will be better than the Buffalo Bills!

Yes, we all know that the New York Jets could quite possibly be the worst team in the league. However, I think with the recent moves that Bills have made they are vying for that title as well. A team does not just trade away its best WR and a star defensive player if they are not looking to rebuild. Even though they have Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy, it still could be a disaster in Buffalo.

The New York Jets, on the other hand, may not be as bad as people think. They may have also gotten rid of one of their best defensive players, but they are still not as bad as they seem. They made some strides in the secondary with the drafting of Jamal Adams; they made the right move at QB, and have a formidable running game. Together, this makes sense as to why this could be a better season than expected for the New York Jets.

  1. The Dallas Cowboys are 9-7 at best!

It is not hard to argue that the Dallas Cowboys will be worse than last year’s record. First off, they lost their entire secondary to free agency. It will be hard to defend some of the best receivers in the NFL with the youth back there. Second, the run game will not repeat their performance. They lost the right side of the offensive line to retirement and free agency. Third, Dak Prescott will not be the same QB. There will be a definite sophomore slump out of this kid. There is enough tape on him now for teams to be able to game plan against him. Lastly, all of this combined with a first place schedule will make it difficult for the Dallas Cowboys to be any better than 9-7.

  1. The New England Patriots lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Although it is a given that the Patriots will make the playoffs, they will be eliminated early. They will find it very difficult to hang with some of the younger, faster offenses in the AFC. Teams are also catching up in ways to stop Tom Brady and Co. This season could see a changing of the guard and it could come early on.

  1. Cleveland Browns will not finish fourth in the AFC North.

The Cleveland Browns are young and hungry. I feel that they are growing and moving in the right direction. They made some very solid moves on defense with the draft. They also spent their $100 million in cap space very wisely during free agency. Although they still may be a couple of years from a playoff return, they could start climbing the ladder as soon as this season. Do not be surprised if they finish third in their division this year.

  1. Oakland Raiders win Super Bowl LII.

Let us look back on 2016. The Oakland Raiders were on the verge of being the AFC’s number one seed. However, their quarterback suffered a broken leg in week 16 of the season. From there the offense was unproductive.

Now, with a healthy Derek Carr and new teammate, RB Marshawn Lynch, the Raiders are on the verge of following through on what they were about to do in 2016.

The 2017 NFL Season looks to be an exciting season. Many questions will be answered over the 17 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. Enjoy the season.

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