Tampa Bay Buccaneers : TJ Ward Signing Revamps Struggling Secondary

After spending his due diligence around the league, becoming a two-time Pro Bowler, along with winning a Super Bowl, the former Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns Strong Safety T.J. Ward has officially signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one-year, $5 million contract. Ward will be able to bring some veteran leadership to the secondary and help Brent Grimes run the secondary into the correct direction. Not only that, but this is a major boost to the Bucs secondary since a major flaw of their defense this year was the safeties in the back of the field.

Ward is going to be able to bring that championship mindset to the Bucs who are looking to win their division and make a deep playoff run for a potential Super Bowl title. The Bucs got a steal of a deal and were ultimately dark horses in this pickup because a majority of sources connected Ward to go with the Steelers since his former teammate Joe Haden signed with the Steelers.

T.J. Ward is greatly known for his pass coverage, being able to read the quarterback and wide receiver, to be able to break the ball up or intercept the ball. Yet, Ward went to a defense that is only going to get better, as they continue to improve in the areas on defense they are struggling in.

He is a great signing for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and brings a solid fix into the secondary. Do not be surprised if the Bucs start making phones calls to other former Super Bowl winning secondary members, Darrell Revis, and attempt to build a Super Bowl caliber secondary.

What do you think of the T.J. Ward and is there anyone else you think the Bucs should go after before the beginning of the season to improve their secondary?

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