New York Jets win big in trade with Seahawks

As the evening started to set, Adam Schefter reported that the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks finalized a trade to send Sheldon Richardson and a 2018 seventh Round Draft Pick in return for Jermaine Kearse, a 2018 second Round Draft Pick, as well as a 2018 seventh Round Draft Pick. After seeing the initial report, I was devastated at the fact of losing another star defensive lineman, but I began to realize that this trade was going to be a cornerstone for the Jets in upcoming years, and I will explain below.

Earlier in the season, Jets GM Mike Maccagnan stated that nobody on the team this year was safe from being cut or traded, and with all of the offseason mayhem that was going on, he intended on sticking to his word. With that being said, when Schefter announced that Richardson was traded, it was not a surprise, knowing how much of a trouble maker and loud mouth he has been this season so far. Along with causing a lot of distractions, this caused Todd Bowles and Mike Mac to pull the trigger. It also did not come as a surprise, considering the Jets have shopped Richardson prior years, to Broncos and Cowboys, yet the Seahawks were the ones who finally made the trade happen.

The New York Jets received a solid number two wide receiver, a 2018 2nd and 7th Round Draft Pick, for a mouthy defensive lineman, who will be looking for a large pay day after this season.

New York is a big winner in this trade because they allowed themselves to save a huge amount of money in cap space next year, along with not losing a lot of talent on the defensive line, especially since they recently signed Kony Ealy as well.

Richardson has caused a lot of drama throughout camp, arguing about Brandon Marshall, and other hot topics throughout camp, causing Todd Bowles to get fed up with his actions. Ealy should be able to fit right into the spot Richardson left open, and be an instant impact on an already stellar defensive line.

The Seahawks picked up a solid defensive lineman, yet he was just too big of a headache for the Jets to continue onward this season. The Jets are the big winners in this trade, gaining a lot, and giving up just a small portion of their defense up.

Who do you think is the real winner in this trade, and how do you think each team will do with their new additions to the team?

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