Why You Should Take the Over On The Jets 4 Wins

When it comes to the New York Jets, the word Dumpster Fire comes immediately to mind. Mainly because of the immediate rebuild after such a bad production of a season last year, the team started looking forward to the future immediately. With that being said, a lot of young talent is on the Jets, and with having arguably the worst roster in the NFL, “experts” are predicting the Jets to go 0-16 this season. I am here to tell you why you should take the over on the Jets winning a minimum of 4 games this year.

With all of this young, new talent that is currently on the Jets, a lot of opposing teams do not know what to expect this year. Sure in the beginning of the year the defense and offense may look a little shaken at first, but if this young secondary can hold up against some of the opposing quarterbacks while arguably one of the best defensive lines in the league attempt to attack the quarterback, then we may have a chance to win some games. Same with the offense, if Josh McCown is able to manage the game and allow the run game to be superior for the Jets, then we should be able to give our defense some rest while the offense wears down the opposing defense.

Next up for debate would be the schedule, and just how brutal it is going to be for the Jets to win any games. But I am here to disagree with the naysayers, and show that the Jets could easily start out 4-1 or 3-2 as they approach Week 6. With the first game against Buffalo, at MetLife Stadium, the Jets should win that game, especially since Buffalo has been releasing players left and right. Next is in Oakland, that’s a loss. I will not even sugar coat or say that the Jets have a chance, they don’t. Next is Miami, at MetLife, which is a surprise win. Miami starts out against Tampa, then flies to LA to play the Chargers, then comes to NY, and finally they fly to London to play. The Dolphins first 4 games are going to be physically exhausting, which is why they will hiccup against the Jets. Then the Jets play Jacksonville and Cleveland, which both teams are struggling just as much as the Jets are, which is why the Jets will win those games. The remaining games on the schedule will most likely be losses, playing New England twice, the Dolphins and Bills again, the AFC West and NFC South teams. The Jets have a favorable schedule in the beginning, but it’s tough after that, regardless these are my reason why you should take the over on the Jets winning 4 games or less.

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