Washington Redskins: Defensive Player Spotlight – Ryan Anderson

When you watch the Washington Redskins defense over the last two years, you find it hard not to vomit in your mouth. They had one of the worst defenses in history. Matter of fact they gave up the third most yards combined over the last two season. There had to be some emphasis in the 2017 offseason on this side of the ball. Subsequently, there was.  With their first two selection in the draft, they went defense. One of the picks was LB Ryan Anderson.

Ryan Anderson is a solid football player. He knows how to set an edge and play with his hands. He is a relentless pass rusher. The result is often positive due to the tremendous effort he puts out. He knows how to keep running backs outside and prevent cutbacks. Anderson should be an immediate impact for the Washington Redskins.

Many asked why the Redskins drafted Anderson. Why with the likes of Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Smith, and Junior Galette.  Anderson is pass rushing machine. Moreover, even with the players that we mentioned, the pass rush is an area where the Washington Redskins have struggled. If you team Kerrigan and Anderson on the same side or even leave Anderson by himself, you have a formidable pass rush. That is why the Redskins selected him.

Anderson is also a solid run-stopper. He finished off running backs like some of the best LBs already in the league. This is something that the Redskins defense has desired. Opposing offenses gashed this defense over the last two years. In addition, some of those were not superstar backs. With the other moves that the Redskins made along with the addition of Ryan Anderson, the Washington Redskins should be better on this side of the ball.

In order to compete in the NFL, you have to not only score, but also not let your opponent score. You are not going to win a shootout every week. Solidifying the defense was an important step. Not only to compete in the division but in the conference as well. Ryan Anderson makes that happen.

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