Understanding the Fantasy Football Draft in 2017


Every August fans around the world get ready for the National Football League to get back into action. Fans flock around their TVs in order to watch meaningless preseason games with the sole goal of researching in order to know which players to draft for their fantasy football league. If you’ve played more than a year of fantasy football you know how great it feels to score points and get close to that championship trophy. The truth is most people go a long time before finding that winning feeling and it has everything to do with drafting poorly. Let’s teach you the ropes so that you don’t end up tanking your fantasy football draft.

Understanding Positional Rarity

Every fantasy football draft is going to be stacked with super stars at every position. Who wouldn’t want Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski as the stars of their team? You could easily get them with your first and second round pick but the question is: should you? The answer is, obviously, no. Positional scarcity is the measuring stick that must be used while drafting. In most fantasy leagues you start just one QB and one TE. In these same leagues you’ll frequently run out three WR and at least two RBs. This means that quality position players are going to be in short supply if you waste your top picks on a quarterback and a tight end. Focus on prioritizing your draft and you’ll end up with a far better roster.

Don’t Draft a Kicker

On the same topic as positional scarcity, we also have to advise first time drafters to avoid picking a defense or a kicker during the draft. Unless your team gives ten points for 50 yard kicks, which most don’t, this is just a wasted pick. Instead use your late round picks on potential sleeper choices at wide receiver and running back. Who knows, you could end up grabbing the next Jordan Howard during these rounds. Kickers and defenses will always be available, don’t worry about them on draft day.

Ignore Your Fandom

If you are a hardcore Chicago Bears fan it can be enticing to grab a guy like Mike Glennon to be your starting QB. What could be more fun than watching your fantasy team score points while your real life team scores points? Unless you love the Patriots or the Falcons, picking your fantasy team based on your fandom is a surefire way to lose your fantasy league. Disconnect that part of your brain and focus on talent above all else. Besides if you are ever in a position where you are hoping Mike Glennon scores you fantasy points, well, you are already in pretty sorry shape.

Try New Things

Fantasy football is absolutely thrilling. It can be even more thrilling if you experiment with different ways to play. Fantasy drafting isn’t all about your season long league, it’s now been brought to the world of daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy football is an amazing way to have fun and make money. If you know how to draft well then using those skills on a website like DRAFT can lead to a few profitable weekends of watching football. Use our same drafting techniques here on platforms like that and you will see that your team can prosper anywhere.

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