NFL: AFC South Team Previews and Predictions

We are now 75% done with the team previews and predictions for the entire NFL. We now move to the AFC South to go over what could be one of the most wide-open divisions in the NFL. Last year 3 of the 4 teams in this division went at least .500. The Tennessee Titans seem to be the hot pick, but will they fulfill their potential? Let’s get right to it and go over the AFC South Team Previews and Predictions.

Houston Texans

Offensively, this team will be very inconsistent. They are still trying to figure out who their QB will be. Tom Savage will start the year as their starter, but Deshaun Watson likely ends the season taking snaps. They still have a top 10 WR in DeAndre Hopkins and a very good RB in Lamar Miller, but this team is still missing a few pieces. It seems like the offense prevents them from being a serious contender every year.

What does keep the Texans in games is their defense. They have a top 5 defense and arguably the best defense in the NFL. Led by a devastating pass rush, which includes Mr. All Everything, JJ Watt, the Texans terrorize opposing offenses. The offense of this teams holds them back, but the defense not only keeps them in games but wins them games on their own. I like Watson, so if he can be a quick learner, this team could be a championship contender sooner rather than later.

Record Last Year 9-7
Vegas Win Line 8.5
My Prediction 8-8


Indianapolis Colts

Every year it seems like it’s the same thing for the Colts. They have a great, young, franchise QB. They have great WRs and TEs. However, they don’t have a dynamic running game and the most important part, their offensive line is very underwhelming. It’s not like the Colts are ignoring their o-line, it’s just they aren’t picking the right players. With Andrew Luck questionable for the 1st couple games of the season, the season could be in the danger zone early for the Colts.

The reason why the offense is so important to this team is that the defense isn’t good enough to carry them. It won’t help that their best CB Vontae Davis is now going to miss a few games with a groin injury. Colts must win high scoring games. Since they have so many talented players on offense, they can do that sometimes. However, with a defense like this, they aren’t going to hold too many teams down, so good luck consistently winning with that formula.

Record Last Year 8-8
Vegas Win Line 8.5
My Prediction 8-8


Jacksonville Jaguars

There isn’t much to say about the Jaguars. Despite having lots of talent, and gaining more with their high draft picks every year, they continue to be the laughing stock of the league. The biggest reason for the problems on offense falls squarely on the shoulders of their QB Blake Bortles. Since his breakout year in 2015, he has been one of the worst QBs in the league. He is on a very short leash right now and even just 1 bad game in the opener could cost him his starting spot to Chad Henne.

The Jags aren’t too good on defense either, but they do have some talented young players that could turn them around very soon. I think Jalen Ramsey fits better as a Safety than a CB, but he played well last year. Potential pass rusher Dante Fowler has got to stay healthy and produce like they thought he would when they took him with the 3rd pick in the draft 2 years ago.

Record Last Year 3-13
Vegas Win Line 6.5
My Prediction 5-11


Tennessee Titans

By most accounts, the Titans have a top 3 offensive line, and despite some issues in the preseason, they are expected to be up there again. Starting QB Marcus Mariota is expected to make the jump to star status this year and he is surrounded by more than enough weapons to get that done. With a strong running game and 3-4 dynamic WRs to go with a great dependable TE, they Titans could be one of the more explosive offenses in the entire league.

The side of the ball where he Titans have some issues is on defense. They have a solid front 7 and can get pressure on the QB. However, their secondary needs to be much better than it was last year and this preseason. They signed Logan Ryan and draft Adoree Jackson to go with LeShaun Sims, Brice McCain, and the guy who has played great for them this offseason, Mr. Irrelevant, Kalan Reed. I feel as the season goes on, this group will play better, but there may be some growing pains.

Record Last Year 9-7
Vegas Win Line 8.5
My Prediction 11-5

There one more division to go as tomorrow we head West to discuss the AFC West. In the AFC south, all the teams had flaws and despite 3 of the teams finishing .500 or better last year, it was considered one of the worst divisions in the NFL. That will change soon. The Titans have a lot of hype behind them and were picked by SI writer Peter Kings as the 4th best team in the league. Those are some high standards. Can they live up to the hype? Only one way to find out, enjoy the games.

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