New York Giants: Defensive Player Spotlight – Olivier Vernon

Coming into the 2017 season, the New York Giants have the making for a legit top five defense. While you have players like Janoris Jenkins, Landon Collins, and Jason Pierre Paul there happens to be someone who I feel should take a much bigger leadership role.

I remember last offseason when the Giants brought in Olivier Vernon from the Miami Dolphins. My first reaction was why the Giants would sign someone like him to the contract that they did. So then, we saw what he could do on the field and I feel the Giants struck gold. For starters, he is still a rather young player. He is only 27 years old and still has a big part of his career still ahead of him. In 2016, he really started to come into his own. One of the biggest takeaways I have is that having 8.5 sacks is not bad.

For as long as I can remember, it seems that the Giants have always had great defensive ends. Over the years, you had players like Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and others. Olivier Vernon can be at that level if he continues to produce on the field. My hope is that with there being a slight amount of more pressure on him that he can excel. Personally, I think he truly can.

As far as 2017 goes, I fully suspect to see him become a bigger presence on the defense side. Since there are many expectations for the New York Giants defensively, I fully suspect to see Vernon become one of the leaders. I suspect that the other two will be Jason Pierre Paul and Janoris Jenkins. While health does play a bit of a role, I do not see why Olivier Vernon does not have the same numbers in 2017, if not even higher than he had in 2016.

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