Dallas Cowboys: Breakout Candidate – Ryan Switzer

Ryan Switzer is a rookie, from the University of North Carolina. While he has yet to play a game for the Dallas Cowboys, many are already comparing Switzer to the likes of Cole Beasley.

Small stature, quick speed, and sure hands make the two very similar.  Ryan Switzer had a reputation for “sure hands” and speed in college because of his big play ability and special teams skill.  Through 4 years at the University of North Carolina, Ryan Switzer had 1,082 punt return yards on 99 attempts.  Switzer also had seven career punt return touchdowns in college.

As far as receiving goes, Switzer had 2,903 career yards, 243 receptions, and 19 touchdowns.  Through his college years, Switzer ranked among the top in the ACC conference and NCAA altogether, in punt return yards.  The Dallas Cowboys had Lucky Whitehead in this role.  Adding Switzer gave the team options at this position. They eventually released Whitehead after Virginia Police misidentified him in a shoplifting case.

Another place that the Cowboys could use Switzer is in the slot. One might think that with similar size to Cole Beasley, it would create a competition for a slot receiver. However, as the Patriots did with Julian Edelman or Wes Welker, the Cowboys could put both Beasley and Switzer in each slot.

Should the Dallas Cowboys go this route, the offense could plug in some new routes to utilize each player’s small size and speed.  Mixing both with the likes of Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams could have a positive result.  Even better, adding the hands of Brice Butler to the mix of Beasley and Switzer could add yet another degree of intensity.  With the Cowboys seemingly deep in talented receivers, training camp and preseason will be an exciting time for the Dallas Cowboys and fans alike.

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