New York Giants: Breakout Candidate – Evan Engram

When you look at the New York Giants 2017 roster, there are a few names to look at as far as having a breakout season. On offense, you got Odell Beckhem Jr and Paul Perkins. On the defense side, you have players like Landon Collins and Eli Apple. All these players could have breakout seasons if they are able to stay healthy and produce. However, you could add one more name to that list of potential players having a breakout season. The one player I could see having a breakout season happens to be Evan Engram, the tight end, from Ole Miss.

The Giants selected him with the 23rd pick in this most recent draft. He has a ton of expectations coming into the 2017 season. For starters, he is over six feet tall, which helps a lot. In addition, he went to the same school as quarterback Eli Manning did. He is used to Eli Manning and how he throws. What also makes someone like Engram to have a breakout season is that the Giants seem to never have a reliable tight end. You can go back to the days of Jake Ballard and Kevin Boss as being the last reliable tight ends that were on the New York Giants. If you want to, you can even go back further to saying that Jeremy Shockey was also a reliable tight end.

It seems that when the New York Giants do have a reliable tight end is when he does well and the team does well. The only downside with Engram is that he is not a blocking tight end, but makes up for it in speed and adding another dimension to this offense. The addition of Evan Engram gives the New York Giants coaching staff a plethora of options.

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