Philadelphia Eagles: Breakout Candidate – Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith has a chance for a serious do-over with the Philadelphia Eagles this season. His time spent with the San Francisco 49ers was well, disappointing, to say the least.

While with the Baltimore Ravens, many hailed Smith as the top receiver for Joe Flacco. A player with great hands who could also stretch the field with his speed. While he did manage a few 1000-yard campaigns, he never fully developed into a true No. 1 threat like they had hoped.

Now with Philly, Smith has a chance to become the next Chris Carter. What the Eagles are expecting from him is someone to keep LB’s occupied while Carson Wentz has time to scan the field for a big play. If that fails, then a check down to either Smith or Zach Ertz could have the Eagles with an easy first down with Smith as the main possession receiver.

Possession receivers are not glory-hound players. They are the ones providing the big catch necessary to keep drives going. You need a quick six yards– Smith is the one to go to. He is not tall so a red zone threat is out of the question. His speed is still there but the Eagles should expect a reality of 50 catches for 700 yards and 4 touchdowns from one of their new weapons in 2017.

His breakout season will not be the headlines of Julio Jones or Antonio Brown, but that is not what the Eagles need. After a season of dropped balls and poorly ran routes what they need is a veteran who can come in, teach and produce. Smith has been around a few years and understands how fast winning opportunity can turn into a disaster within 16 games. Torrey Smith is a weapon, not like the others but he will provide Wentz with a security blanket.


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