New York Giants: Offensive Preview – Protect Eli Manning

As we are set to start the 2017 season for the National Football League, I will be looking at the New York Giants. First, I will be looking at the offensive for Ben McAdoo and company. For starters, the Giants had a bad offense last season. They were ranked 25th in total offense (29th in Rushing and 17th in Passing). During the off-season, they lost players like Victor Cruz. However, they ended up filling up a ton of their needs in the free agency market.

For starters, they ended up signing Brandon Marshall from the Jets. This is very beneficial for them because now Eli will have a tall receiver to throw to and they have not had someone like that since Burress. Another thing that they benefit with bringing in someone like Marshall is now they can give Beckham a mentor. If you recall, when Marshall first started in the NFL, he did very similar things as Beckham is doing now. As far as the Wide Receivers core goes for the Giants, I see Sterling Shepard being the third wide receiver behind Marshall and Beckham.

The running back core will also look different in 2017, as the Giants did not resign Jennings. They feel that Paul Perkins showed enough in his few games in 2016 that he could be the leader. However, the Giants still have Shane Vereen. This will help as you still have a veteran presence back there. In addition, if he is able to stay healthy, I could see the Giants putting him into the slot role on some plays.  However, my biggest concern with the Giants on the offensive side of the ball is the offensive line.

As we saw in 2016, this was the weakest area for them and I feel that trend will continue in 2017. Yes, they did sign DJ Fluker, but I do not feel that happens to be enough. One sign that the Giants did not have a good offensive line is the fact that the Giants allowed the opposition to sack Eli Manning 35 times in 2016. You will not win in the NFL when your quarterback is on his back very often. One thing that they need to do in 2017 is lower that number by a lot.

I personally feel that the offense of the New York Giants has the makings of being the top ones in the league if they are able to stay healthy and play fundamental football.

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