New York Giants: Offensive Player Spotlight – Brandon Marshall

I recently talked about the New York Giants on offense. However, I would like to spotlight a specific player. I feel this player will be a crucial piece for the Giants. While you could say players like Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr, or Paul Perkins will all have viable roles in 2017, Brandon Marshall will have an even a bigger role.

The Giants brought in Brandon Marshall during the offseason after the New York Jets did not resign him. They brought him in for two reasons. For starters, he can help mentor Odell Beckham Jr. Since Odell Beckham Jr has been a New York Giant, he has been able to get away with a lot of nonsense. It is almost as if people put him on a high pedestal and personally, I feel that it about to end. Brandon Marshall may be a few inches taller than Beckham, but the two wide receivers are very similar. If you go back to Marshall’s early days when he was with the Bears and Broncos, he rather had the same attitude that Beckham has now with the Giants.

You could also make the argument that the two have similar mannerisms. While Brandon Marshall’s career is winding down, you can say that the career of Beckham is not even in the prime of it yet. I hope that Marshall can take Beckham under his wing and help mold him into what he could be.

Another reason why the Giants brought him in was it gave Eli Manning a taller receiver. Something that Eli Manning has not had since the days of Plaxico Burress. What I recall from those days is you saw Eli Manning being more confident in throwing it further down the field. Personally, I feel that Marshall can reignite that confidence.

I personally feel that the addition of Brandon Marshall to these New York Giants will help in quite a few ways. However, we shall see what happens when the season begins.

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