New York Jets: Three Potential Landing Spots For Matt Forte

Tuesday afternoon seems to be the time where all teams are looking to trade or shop a player around the league. This sparked The New York Jets to start shopping veteran running back Matt Forte, to gauge other teams interest. With Forte being injured for a majority of camp, and he, unfortunately, is not getting any younger, the Jets are looking to place their full trust in Bilal Powell. The Jets will be looking for at least a sixth or seventh round draft pick from the potential teams listed below:

Denver Broncos
The Broncos are consistently in the market for a running back, and although they picked up Jamaal Charles this year, adding another running back who can catch out of the backfield will only benefit whoever they have starting at quarterback. Last year, the Broncos could not seem to get it together, primarily because of the offense not being able to move the ball, but with the additional running backs that could be added, the pressure will be taken off of the young quarterback. The Broncos could definitely benefit from Fortes presence on and off the field as well.

Green Bay Packers
This is manly for the same reasons as the Broncos, except now your adding another running back who is faster and more agile than Eddie Lacy. The Packers have not had luck with running backs since Ahmad Green, and are looking to find help for Aaron Rodgers in the play action game. The Packers could easily give up a late round pick, or even trade a 3rd or 4th string player, just to adjust their depth chart accordingly.

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have a young prodigy at running back that was drafted this year and is currently making a big name for himself in preseason. But acquiring Matt Forte will allow the two backs to alternate the field, help relieve pressure from Andrew Luck, and bring a consistent running game throughout the season.

Each of these teams are in need of a running back who is able to produce when needed, and is also weathered throughout the seasons. Matt Forte is a good character on the field and in the locker room, and will be able to win games for any of the teams above. The hardest part about Fortes contract is a 4 Million Dollar clause making it extremely hard to trade for him. What do you think about the Jets shopping Matt Forte, and where do you think he should go?

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