Los Angeles Chargers: Offensive Player Spotlight – Melvin Gordon

The Los Angeles Chargers will go only as far as Philip Rivers takes them. However, that is not to say he does not need help. Running back, Melvin Gordon is the key to the success of the Chargers along with Rivers in 2017. Nevertheless, which Gordon will the team see?

Will it be the rookie who struggled in 2015 with 641 yards and zero touchdowns or the one who made major strides in 2016 with 997 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns? This is what has to have the Chargers rejoicing but holding their breath as well.

If Gordon can pick up where he left off last season that will give the offense a chance to resemble what they did in Rivers early years with LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. To further the success of Gordon, the Chargers drafted wide receiver Mike Williams in the first round.

Rivers is a bona fide stud in the passing game but having an RB with the ability that Melvin Gordon has will make Rivers that much better. If Williams can come in and produce to the tune of at least 80-85 receptions for 1100 yards and 8 touchdowns that will allow the offensive line to open gaping holes for Gordon.

The issue that Gordon will run into is the division that he plays in. The Chiefs and Broncos are both strong up front and can put the clamps on any rushing attack they seem fit. What Gordon must concentrate on is making the first tackler miss and hit the second level of the defense. It is okay to grind out 3 yards here and there but the Chargers need Gordon to show that breakaway speed he has stored away.

If Melvin Gordon can up his average per rush from 3.9 to 4.4 and hit longer runs than he did in 2016 he could easily be in line for a Pro Bowl type season.


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