Los Angeles Chargers: Defensive Preview – New regime, Better Defense?

Mike McCoy might not have been the answer for the San Diego Chargers, but maybe Anthony Lynn will do better for the Los Angeles Chargers. After close examination of the hire, Lynn appears to be brought in to fix the offensive side of the football, but what about the defense?

The Bolts seem to have forgotten about this side of the football. It took four picks before they drafted a defensive player in this year’s draft and nothing about last year’s team screams defensive dominance. So they must’ve done well in the offseason adding key pieces right?

Wrong, the team did little to bolster their defense in the offseason before the draft. After the team went 5-11 last season, one would imagine an overhaul of their entire roster. However, now Los Angeles Chargers front office must see something most don’t.

Maybe they have a little more faith in second-year player Joey Bosa to help dominate their defense. After a lengthy holdout, a full offseason of practice can only make him a better pass rusher. Could the switch to a 4-3 make all the difference with their current level of talent? After all, Bosa was more dominant in college in the 4-3 so his production alone might be a game changer. Switching back to a 4-3 defense seems to be the new trend with teams who have college defensive ends who struggle as linebackers. By thinning out their linebacker position the Chargers will add more depth to their talent pool as there will be one less position to fill. Instead of having 4-5 solid linebackers to each fill a spot, they’ll now have an odd man or two out competing for a starting role.

Does it all come down to leadership? If the Los Angeles Chargers did little to improve their defense this offseason could they think the team lacked direction? To put that much faith in a unit that 10th in rush yards allowed and 20th in passing yards, that says enough about where they think the old regime went wrong. The team isn’t paper thin at any position, so either the front office thinks Lynn will test their limits or they’ll rely too heavily on the offense to win football games. With the injury bug already biting the team this year, if Anthony Lynn can’t rally the troops, the team might be wishing they addressed the defense more this offseason.

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