Denver Broncos: Offensive Player Spotlight – Garett Bolles

It is not often that a magazine places an offensive lineman into a player spotlight. It is even less often that the lineman is a rookie. However, that is the case with the Denver Broncos. Garett Bolles is a rookie left tackle. The Broncos drafted him with the 20th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. We here at INSC have chosen to spotlight Bolles.

The 6’5” 295lb left tackle came out of Utah. It was no secret that the Denver Broncos struggled along the front five of the offense. They ranked 24th in sacks with an average of 2.5 per game. They also finished the season ranked 27th in the league in rushing. Both stats are a result of poor offensive line play. Bring in a big player like Garett to anchor the outside for years to come.

Bolles has excellent feet. He is very smooth when getting out on his blocks. He stays balanced on his feet which allows him to be smooth. He has lateral quickness which allows him to be effective in the run game as well.

He loves to finish off his blocks. You will often find him road grading the opposing defender. He has an exceptional ability to combo block. Once this kid cracks the starting lineup, there should be no turning back. He has that type of athletic ability.

Bolles downfall is his lack of core strength. He will also be close 25-years-old before the start of camp. However, the lack of core strength is a bigger concern at this time. Although his frame and build should allow for him to get bigger and stronger with increased weight training.

Aside from the strength issue, Garett Bolles has all the intangibles you look for in a franchise left tackle. The weight and strength can be added. The athletic ability is natural. That is the best gift that the Broncos can ask for. The addition of Bolles across the front five should bring stability for years to come.

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