Cleveland Browns: Three potential landing spots for Joe Haden

Early Tuesday morning, a rumor broke out that The Cleveland Browns were aggressively attempting to trade star cornerback Joe Haden. Haden is coming off of a subpar year, and was looking to bounce back with a better year with a new and improved defense this year, but is currently being shopped around the league for a high to mid-round draft pick. There is a multitude of teams who are already jumping at the chance of getting him until they look at the cap hit of about 11 Million a year that they would be inheriting. With that being said, here are three potential teams that should look into picking up and restructuring Joe Haden and his contract this year.

The New York Jets
So this may be just a tad bit biased, but as a huge Jets fans, I honestly miss having dominant corners to help the already great defensive line to get to the quarterback. But with the Jets currently in rebuild mode, and having a lot of cap room, they should make a jump and offer the Browns a 3rd/4th round draft pick for Haden. Haden lining across of Morris Clayborn would be a huge upgrade from what the Jets currently have. He would be a great fit for the team and would allow the team to focus their future draft picks on other aspects of the team, such as the vacant quarterback spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This one may seem a bit odd, but look at it like this, they are just continuing to add depth to a position where there is not a lot of security at. Besides Hargreaves and Grimes, the remaining corners are merely nonexistent and may not be able to provide the help the Bucs will need later on the season. Allowing this would move, currently injured, Brent Grimes into the 3 spot, Haden at the 2, and Hargreaves at the 1. The Bucs should take an honest look and see what they would be able a late round draft pick along with a packaged player, to alleviate some of the cap room pressure.

Philadelphia Eagles
This is a move that makes the most sense and would be the most likely to happen. Right now the Eagles are easily a playoff contender this year, and to only better their defense by having a proven Number 1 corner, who can fit right in and help coach your other corners would be a price worth paying. The Eagles already have a lot of cap room to give, so trading for Haden would allow a win-win situation, especially if they were able to give up a 4th rounder for him. The Eagles would improve their defense, and have the best opportunity at winning the NFC East.

While there are many other teams who have the possibility of making a phone call to the Browns for Haden, these three make the most sense to myself. If not for Haden’s contract, he may have been traded earlier this year, but his contract is a heavy burden. What team do you believe Joe Haden should be traded to, and how much do you think he is worth?

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