UCF Knights Football: What to watch for against FIU

Well, college football fans specifically those of us that are UCF fans, football returns this week and the bounce house should be ready to be jumping. The season will officially kick off for the UCF Knights on Thursday when a familiar foe FIU comes to town. They have played each other every year, with the lone exception of 2014, since 2011. The games have been split 3 for UCF and 2 for FIU. Last year UCF traveled to Miami to face FIU and won the game 53-14 the largest margin of victory in the series.  UCF is 1-1 vs FIU in Orlando with the last loss coming in 2015 when the Knights finished 0-12 that season.  This year the UCF Knights are 17 point favorites for the game.

Let’s talk about the visiting FIU team that went 4-8 last season and the changes they have made.  It starts with the head coach, Butch Davis returns back to the for the first time since 2010. He is now getting back to his Florida roots.  The team also brought a new offensive coordinator into the mix as well enter Rich Skrosky.  On offense, he returns 4-year starters at QB and RB Alex McGough and Alex Gardner.  This offense will all hinge on how well the offensive line performs.  The defense is also returning some starters and has very few holes to fill. Their biggest issue on defense is the middle of the field as they lost their 3 defensive tackles and standout LB Davison Colimon there is a lot of talent in the LB to fill the hole there but they will need to find help at DT.  Overall this team is solid but should not give the Knights any issues.

For the UCF Knights they will be starting McKenzie Milton at QB and with an improved Offensive Line this will help him to grow in year 2 of Frost’s offense. If the offensive line can improve and Milton can improve as well this offense will be dangerous for any team to handle especially with the up-tempo and quick strike ability.  The defense will be as strong if not stronger than last years unit which does not bode well for opponents because last year the defense is what helped win 6 games for this team.  Hopefully, the distraction of Donald Delahaye will not wear on the kicking game. I do not foresee FIU being a problem for UCF and possibly see some of the other QBs take some reps in the 4th quarter once this game is in hand.

Once the game is over look for our Video Cast review of the game it is titled Frosty Knights with Kold and Espo.

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