Oakland Raiders: Offensive Player Spotlight – Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree is quiet and yet dangerous at the same time. What he provides for the Raiders is a steady hand to help the careers of Derek Carr and Amari Cooper but that does not mean he goes unnoticed. At least to a true fan.

Amari Cooper is the bigger name but Crabtree has been equally productive in his two seasons in Oakland. Think about the success of both Carr and Cooper. Where would they be without the services of Crabtree? Cooper is a deep threat while Crabtree should be on the very short list of best possession receivers in the NFL

If the Raiders are to put on the type of offensive display they did in 2016– Crabtree has to continue to do what he does best. Hit the crossing routes and be an end zone threat for Carr

While his time in the Bay Area was not all bust it could have been better. He produced a few good seasons like in 2012 when he caught 85 passes for 1105 yards and nine touchdowns. That was his breakout year and the NFL was buzzing that Crabtree had finally arrived. However, when he arrived it would not be for the 49ers.

Cooper is the name in bright lights and while many will say that Crabtree shines due to constant double-teams on Cooper– then that may be true. Nevertheless, what else is he supposed to do? Is that not his job? Is that not what made Terrell Owens and John Taylor so valuable in San Fran while they played with Jerry Rice? Ask A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins or Antonio Brown how they would feel to have a second receiver as good as Crabtree lining up across from them.

A true test of a receiver is not his ability to gain over 1000 yards with 10 touchdowns. It’s his knack to be in the right spot at the right time making the big catch or proving the timely block to spring a teammate free for a big gain. This is what Michael Crabtree does so well and why he is so valuable to the Raiders offense.

The Raiders know how important he is to their success. Now it is time the rest of the NFL find out


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