Los Angeles Chargers: Defensive Player Spotlight – Joey Bosa

When Joey Bosa was drafted by the then San Diego Chargers last season it was a long and hard fought battle to get him into camp. The former Ohio State defensive end held out for a great deal before finally signing his contract in the final days of camp.

His first season with the Chargers was a bag of mixed results. While he did achieve double digit sacks, statistically he wasn’t nearly as dominant as the Chargers had hoped for. But all the blame cannot be put on him. The Chargers defense wasn’t exactly the highlight of their season. They ranked towards the middle of the pack in most statistical categories in a season that was loaded with turmoil. By the end of the season, the Chargers had fired head coach Mike McCoy.

Starting over will be key for the now Los Angeles Chargers this season. With a new city, new head coach, and new coordinator the team will have a clean slate. In order for Joey Bosa to be the player he was in college, the Chargers will have to ramp up their intensity. New head coach Anthony Lynn is all about discipline and accountability so we should see fewer mistakes out of the team this year.

With that in mind, the biggest upgrade for the team was the switch to a 4-3 defense. While Bosa had his flashes at the NFL level last year, getting back to a defense he was more comfortable in ought to skyrocket his playmaking ability. Having another defender along the offensive line will force opponents into better blocking schemes and one-on-one matchups. With his quickness off the line and ability to find a second gear right away, one-on-one should favor Bosa.

The cherry on top for the Chargers is finally getting a full offseason out of him. Having signed the last week before the season started last year he had little time to develop within their scheme. Not only did Bosa miss all of training camp, but he was out the first 4 games with a hamstring injury as well. Having missed that much time definitely diminished his stats but as the season progressed so did Bosa. Now he’ll have the opportunity to get in, learn from his new coaches, tweak his shortcomings and go full steam ahead this season. Bosa might be the player the Chargers drafted and fought to get signed by week one if he makes the second year leap. The real question will be, just how good will the Chargers be after yet another rebuild.

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