Kansas City Chiefs: Offensive Player Spotlight – Travis Kelce

It is not often that the leading receiver on the team is a TE. Although it can be when your receiving corps is not very strong. Thus the case with the Kansas City Chiefs. They have a less than stellar receiving group. Nevertheless, their leading receiver is TE Travis Kelce. Kelce has emerged to be on the level of Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, and others.

The Kansas City Chiefs, in the 2013 NFL Draft, drafted Travis Kelce. He played his college football at the University of Cincinnati. He is the younger brother of center Jason Kelce.

The 6’5”, 255lb frame that Kelce carries is ideal for the TE position. It allows him to maintain his athletic ability and strength.

The Kansas City Chiefs use Kelce very well in the vertical game. He has a very strong ability to stretch the field. Especially down the middle. He is a nightmare for linebackers to cover. Kelce can make almost any catch within his radius.

Travis Kelce is not just an inline TE either. He can line up in the slot or even split out wide. This gives the Chiefs much more creativity with him and their offense. Kelce is also very light on his feet. This goes well regarding his route running.

Though Andy Reid loves to throw the ball, he also likes to pound the ground with it as well. Kelce is an exceptional blocking TE. He is very physical when it comes to run blocking. The strength is his legs allows him to move opposing defenders from the point of attack. He rarely gets beat around the outside. He is very capable of hooking and driving the outside rusher.

Kelce is a tremendous asset for the Kansas City Chiefs and their offense. They are going to need him to stay healthy in order to compete offensively. When your leading receiver goes down the dynamics of the offense change. I am not sure if the Chiefs are good enough in other positions without a player like Travis Kelce.

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