New Orleans Saints: Offensive Preview – New weapons, more scoring

There is honestly not too much to talk about when it comes to the New Orleans Saints offense because when it comes to their pass heavy offense, we know that it’s not changing at all. With the 1st overall ranked passing offense in the NFL, the Saints may fall one or two spots, but that is highly doubtful since their gunslinger Drew Brees is still at the helms of the offense. But with a passing attack that is well functioning as this, it hinders in other areas, making the rushing attack, 16th in the league, a nonfactor in most games. The New Orleans Saints made it their determination to focus on the rushing attack and maintaining a balanced offense going forward.

The Saints made a huge deal during free agency this year, but it was also one of the strangest deals, adding Adrian Peterson to the lineup on a one year deal when already having a steady running back in Mark Ingram. The deal is an all around good move because it alleviates pressure from Ingram and allows Drew to have another weapon. Which Drew lost one of his most favored players in Brandin Cooks to a trade with the New England Patriots. But we all know that Drew does not need a big named receiver, instead would rather have a reliable receiver who makes the play when needed. This offense relies heavily on Drew Brees and his passing attack, and although losing a primary receiver, this offense is still going to flourish.

Having potentially the best quarterback back in your division, along with one of the greatest running backs in this era, is always helpful towards your playoff run. Yet for the offense to succeed, it will need to produce longer drives to help give the defense a rest, because the more the defense rest and makes stops against the opposing offense, the less Drew Brees and the offense need to score. But with that being said, the Saints will still be in the top 3 of passing offense, and will actually jump into the top 8 for rushing attack, with the combination of both attacks, The New Orleans Saints will be able to clinch a playoff berth.


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