Carolina Panthers: Offensive Player Spotlight – Cam Newton

How can we not mention the Carolina Panthers and not mention Cam Newton? Newton is by far the one who makes that Panthers’ tick. However, fans are waiting to see which Newton will hit the field in 2017. Will it be the Newton from 2015 who took home the MVP and led his team to the Super Bowl? Or, will it be the Newton who struggled in 2016 while the Panthers only won six games?

If Newton is to reach that pinnacle that of elite status then he must do better.

For a player like Cam Newton, who’s often mentioned with the best of the best he has not done much outside of running to suggest he belongs. Newton’s passes are either too high or too low and he fails to lead his receivers. For a player with as strong of an arm as he has, it’s disappointing to see his completion percentage so low.

But Cam is a fighter and will do what he has to do in order for the Panther to win. With newly drafted running back Christian McCaffrey and old-head Jonathan Stewart ready to form ‘Double Trouble 2’ that should provide Newton a little more breathing room.

If Newton, Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen can continue their great chemistry, we should expect to see 2015 Newton.

Cam Newton has the talent to lead the Panthers but it’s his weapons that must improve. His big breakout season in 2015 was led by Ted Ginn and Olsen, so to think that Cam needs a player like Antonio Brown is absurd. For Cam, it’s all in his approach.

If he views every game as a playoff game than the Panthers have a shot. However, if he continues to get down on himself for missed opportunities then the Panthers will continue to crumble.

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