Atlanta Falcons: Offensive Player Spotlight – Devonta Freeman

When you watched the 2016 Atlanta Falcons, you watched a dynamic offense. An offense that set the league a blaze. One reason for that offense is the way it was, was the running game. They had a terrific one-two punch in the backfield. The head of that dynamic duo was Devonta Freeman.

Freeman played his college ball at Florida State University. He had his coming out party in 2013. He earned All-ACC honors. Freeman also became the first running back at FSU to run for 1,000-yards since Warrick Dunn. He started all 14 games that season and won a national championship.

Devonta Freeman is a very versatile back. He is able to make himself small and fit through the tiniest of holes. This allows him to gain yardage when none is available.

Freeman also has power for a smaller back. He gets his shoulders square to on coming tacklers and is not afraid to take them on. He loves to make the first contact and run through the oncoming tackler.

Devonta has a very good set of hands as well. He is very reliable out of the backfield as a receiver. In 2016, Freeman had 54 receptions on 65 targets. He totaled 462 yards through the air. This allows him to stay on the field in passing situations. Making the Atlanta Falcons offense unpredictable.

He is also a very reliable pass blocker. Freeman rarely is out of position and has often saved his QB from taking the big shot. Matt Ryan can often be seen shaking the hand of Devonta Freeman or tapping his helmet in acceptance of his blocking.

If the Atlanta Falcons hope to avoid the Super Bowl hangover, they will need to keep Devonta Freeman in the mix. The team recently gave him the big money contract. It is now time for the spotlight to shine on Devonta Freeman.

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