Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Defensive Player Spotlight – Justin Evans

The defense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks to take a big step forward and be one of the best and Justin Evans will be one of the reasons they are. Evans was the second round pick by Tampa Bay in the 2017 draft. The 6’1 safety may not have been that well known prior to the draft but if he wasn’t then he will be soon. He played his college ball at Texas A&M and was actually a pretty highly touted recruit. He received offers from Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Texas before committing to the Aggies.

Evans is a tremendous athlete. His hands and feet are that of a slot receiver. This allows him to be in position and make a play on the ball. He does great at going up and grabbing the ball at its highest point.

While his college stats may not be eye popping Evans had 99 tackles and five interceptions in his two years of playing for Texas A&M. His interception totals may never be near the top, however, that isn’t the biggest part of his game. He’s a big bodied, hard hitter that smaller receivers may not want to cross the flat on. I see a lot of similarities between him and Ed Reed, however, Evans has a little less finesse to his game. That being said Justin Evans may not even start this season he very well could be a backup or maybe see some time at the slot corner.

We may not know if Evans is starting until week one of the regular season. However, I think Mike Smith would look like a genius starting this kid over Ryan Smith. Even if Evans doesn’t get the chance this year I see him being the guy going forward and making a huge impact in the secondary. He could solidify the safety position for years and look good doing it.


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