New Orleans Saints: Offensive Player Spotlight – Drew Brees

For the New Orleans Saints, the only player that makes sense of being the offensive player spotlight is Drew Brees. For a quarterback who consistently throws over 5,000 yards a year, with wide receivers who typically are B or C list receivers, an average run game, and a terrible defense, Drew is the definition of the Saints offense. Drew has carried this team to winning seasons multiple years in a row, and with the rest of the NFC South not making many improvements, the Saints are poised to make noise in NOLA! With this year being more difficult than you think for Drew Brees and this offense, Drew will need to shine to ensure their playoff berth.

With Brees losing Brandin Cooks and having Michael Thomas to replace him, this will help, rather than hinder, his performance. Michael Thomas is a better No. 1 receiver than Cooks is. Primarily because Cooks was a speedy receiver who relied on the short pass. With that, Drew will be able to rely on a bigger and more reliable wide out who will be able to make the big play down the field. Drew has hardly ever had a dominant wide out for multiple years, and with Drew already establishing a connection with Thomas, expect big numbers from both Drew and Thomas.

Drew always does a fantastic job on offense, but typically gets flustered under pressure and turns the ball over in crucial situations. Drew now has the addition of Adrian Peterson, who will be able to take some of the load off of Mark Ingram and Drew Brees. With this addition, Drew will be able to relax more in the pocket and create more opportunities on the field. With that being said, Drew Brees and The New Orleans Saints will have over 5,000 yards of passing, 40+ touchdowns, and will be able to clinch an NFC Wild Card Berth.


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