New Orleans Saints: Breakout Candidate – Michael Thomas

Who other, then Michael Thomas for the potential breakout candidate. Michael Thomas is entering his second year with Drew Brees and is now going to be the primary receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Thomas had a very impressive year last year, with over 1,000 yards of receiving on 92 catches and caught a total of 9 touchdowns. With a super productive season prior, he is destined to have a breakout year this season.

With Brandon Cooks leaving, and the Saints not establishing a replacement for the primary receiver, Michael Thomas took over the open primary role. Thomas achieved the aforementioned statistics as the secondary receiver. So imagine what he can do with a year’s worth of work already under his belt and now becoming the primary receiver. Additionally, he will have more training and practice with his quarterback. So why would he not have a breakout performance?

Brees has already shown that he highly favors Thomas, for his great route running skills, great hands, and always looking to make a play after the catch. Not only will he be a great force in the pass catching game, he is also a force when it comes to run blocking, and will help Peterson and Ingram gain huge yardage on the rushing attempts. Michael Thomas has shown great promise and is now getting his time to shine in this pass heavy offense.

With Michael Thomas performing the way he did last year, and with the circumstances that played out in his favor, he is destined for a breakout year. Thomas is becoming the primary receiver along with Drew losing other weapons around him, Thomas is looking good this season. I can honestly see the following happening for Michael Thomas, 1,500 yards off of 130 receptions and hauling in 20 touchdowns, and will be the dominant force on the Saints offense.


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