Fan Perspective: Outcome of Mayweather-McGregor

It is fight night in Las Vegas as the Mayweather-McGregor fight is going down tonight! Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are set to fight in what many are viewing as an epic opportunity for both fighters… to earn a shit-load of money.

In an effort to give the fans and readers of this site a voice, we will be using your predictions on the outcome of this bout in this article. Listening to the perspective of the fans is what is all about; as without you, we don’t have all of our high-quality radio programs and thoughtful, well-written content.

I posted this question on my public Facebook page, and your comments were definitely appreciated!

Without further ado, have at it, folks!


Becky Paderewski Brown I don’t think that McGregor will be able to keep from falling back on what he knows. Expecting him to fall or be disqualified.


Ady Simons Mayweather is gonna win, only question is how long the fight will last. If McGregor comes at him hard the fight will go 4 rounds max. If McGregor adopts his MMA philosophy and stands off, he will get picked apart and will be stopped in 6-8 rounds.


Thomas Powell UPSET ALERT! Mayweather runs — as usual — but runs right into McGregor’s fist. Shocking knockout, costing casinos millions!


Jason Mcclanahan Mayweather with the KO. McGregor cannot stand toe to toe with him. Defensive boxer will always win.


Cameron Statler My heart tells me McGregor, but my mind tells me Mayweather.

People say Mayweather going against a southpaw will be a an advantage to McGregor, but Mayweather has shown in the past it’s a non issue. He’s fought southpaws like Manny Pacquiao and won easily. Mayweather’s straight right hand lead and his duck and move away are first class.

Only way Mayweather loses this fight is If his legs are gone. The only times in his career that he has ever struggled (Maidana and Cotto), he did not use his legs and got caught against the ropes.

With that said, go get em Conor!!!


Jose Mercado If McGregor can truly focus on only two hands coming at him like a boxer, he’ll “last” but lose the split decision. And by split decision I mean it should be unanimous in favor of Mayweather. I see at least 2 points taken away for “accidental” elbows. #readysetfight #BOOOM


Jon Rocha If McGregor lands a punch, it could be over. If Mayweather plays the slow technique, I think MacGregor gets frustrated and ends up doing something to disqualify himself….Either way, prepare for the internet onslaught as soon as it’s over! And for the next 2 days…


Matt Lidyoff Unfortunately. I’m not interested. Prolly take Lisa to a movie lol 


Fred Wilson Smith III Olympic boxer ???


Vincent Daino In my opinion if this fight goes all 12 rounds McGregor may lose the fight but he definitely will win. Cause he is going into a sport he hasn’t done before and coming out standing up he wins. Mayweather won’t be able to last a round in the UFC with McGregor.


Terrie Hansen Mayweather…


Will McCafferty Some of the best boxers in the world have tried to hit Mayweather and failed. No reason to expect a first-time boxer to be able to. McGregor is going to find out that it is a lot more difficult to land a punch when that is all your opponent has to worry about. Mayweather doesn’t have to worry about kicks or throws, only punches. McGregor has a “punchers chance” at best, due to his size and age advantage. My money is on “Money”.
Lamont Broadus This will be a massacre… Can’t believe they allowed this fight to happen Floyd wins stamina speed and overall ability. The rounds will be too long for Conor.
Martin Rubalcava Mayweather wins a unanimous decision. He does get knocked down early as he gets over-confident thinking that McGregor has nothing in the arsenal. Mayweather will try to take the fight to him early on but will get stunned and knocked down by a McGregor straight left. After that he realizes that he can’t stand and trade with him which results in Mayweather moving around a lot and starts pot shorting McGregor until the last round and takes the decision in an ugly fight full of clinches and maybe McGregor getting disqualified as he gets frustrated.
Larry Mccarty I’m going for Mayweather because McGregor always comes off as a douche bag when I’ve seen him interviewed!
Wade M. Tonkin I wouldn’t be shocked if the fix is in and Mayweather takes a dive to set up an even bigger money rematch. This fight generally bores the hell out of me as Mayweather’s style bores me to death. He’s the best ever at his “tap and run” style. Conor will have a hard time catching him unless Mayweather decides he wants to trade blows.
Daniel Locke Mayweather will win. More endurance, too much skill. Will get McGregor frustrated, causing mistakes. Over within 6 rounds.
John Kegley Unless Conor can connect on a direct hit that shakes Mayweather, Mayweather wins this, gonna do his regular technique of avoiding and get the stats he needs to win.
The fans have spoken!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch this “fight,” for free, because I refuse to spend money on the Pay-per-view and these dumb restaurants and bars can kick rocks for the exorbitant prices that they are charging people for what may be a waste of everyone’s time and money.
Or maybe it will be a spectacle for all to see…
Leave your thoughts below on the outcome of the Mayweather-McGregor fight.
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