Carolina Panthers: Defensive Player Spotlight – Luke Kuechly

Can you name a better MLB in the NFL than Luke Kuechly? Me either. What he brings to the game are power, speed, adrenalin, and smarts. However, lately, he’s also brought injuries to the game as well. He missed six contests in 2016 due to concussions and while the Carolina Panthers record may not have been any different with him on the field, a chunk of their soul was taken away.

Luke is the blueprint to what an MLB is supposed to be. While fans love to see the huge sacks amount of J.J. Watt, they often forget the fine art of tackling. This is what Kuechly does so well. In the 10 games he played in 2016, Luke made 71 tackles for an average of seven per game.

Needleless to say he has a nose for the ball. Anytime you can get over 100 tackles a season that says a lot about your desire. Luke Kuechly may not be the fastest when it comes to getting after the quarterback, as he only registered nine in his career but it’s the other intangibles that make him great.

He is a very instinctual linebacker. We have often seen Kuechly snuff out a play before the snap gets to the quarterback.SInce he is not the fastest of linebackers, Luke Kuechly will often rely on this instinct to make the big play.

While offenses are devising schemes to keep guys like Watt away from their leader, there is no scheme to keep Luke away. Try a running back up the middle with a lead blocker and he still finds a way to make the tackle. Try to your back around the edges and No. 59 is still there. Try to bring your receiver or tight end across the middle with a three-step slant and Boom.

Luke is the player every NFL team wishes they had in the middle.


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