Authors Of Pain Will Break The Streak Of Unsuccessful NXT Tag Teams

NXT has been home to some dominant tag teams. Unfortunately, none have seemed to have much luck on the main roster. The Ascension, Lucha Dragons, Vaudevillians, Enzo and Cass, and The Revival have all been non-existent on either Smackdown or RAW. This shouldn’t be the case with the Authors of Pain.

AOP is managed by one of the greatest tag team managers of all-time in Paul Ellering. This alone gives them a lot of credibility on the main roster. And while most fans of the WWE Universe won’t remember or know who Ellering is, he’s enough of a presence to get the AOP over.

This is really the first time any NXT tag team has come up to the main roster with a manager, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Make no mistake about it though, The Authors of Pain can more than hold their own in the ring. Akam and Rezar, the two members of AOP, have proven to be very good wrestlers for men of their size.
Both Akam and Rezar have gotten four-star matches out of DIY and the Revival.

What does WWE do with the Authors of Pain on the main roster?

For starters, they need to look dominant from the start. No, they don’t have to be in the title picture right away. It would be ideal if they worked a few programs with some top babyface teams before heading to the tag team main event. Possibly have them start a feud with the Hardy Boys on RAW.

Once the adjustment period to the main roster is over, it’s then time for AOP to start their ascent into the title picture. They will need to win the tag titles at some point in the next year to remain relevant and showcase how dominant they are. This is an issue NXT tag teams have had. They aren’t staying relevant enough to keep themselves in the title scene.

Look at teams like the Ascension and Lucha Dragons. Both were great pairs in NXT. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ability to get over on the main roster. The Revival is another example, as they can’t seem to stay healthy enough. Enzo And Cass, probably the most successful team from NXT, were the closest to the top of the mountain. They failed in large part because Enzo wasn’t the champion Vince McMahon wanted.

All AOP needs to do is continue their winning ways. They are big guys and Vince McMahon will push them beyond belief because of it. Authors of Pain are destined to be tag champs on the main roster. Let’s hope they break the unlucky streak of NXT tag teams.

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