Atlanta Falcons: Offensive Preview – Will they be hungover?

After having a Top 2 offense last year, you would think that this offense can only get better going forward, but I hate to inform you, that it will not. The Atlanta Falcons did not lose any key components to the offensive side to the ball, retaining Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and both of their running backs, BUT, losing the key play caller and offensive guru of Kyle Shanahan will be a major detriment to this offense, and I’ll explain why below.

The Atlanta Falcons with Shanahan did an amazing job, ensuring that Julio gets a lot of catches and having the ability to make big plays, while Matt Ryan is not having to force any passes because he has the help and support of the dual running backs being able to make out of the backfield catches and run in between the holes for big gains down the middle.

This offense allowed Matt Ryan to throw for over 4,500 yards and allow to rush for almost 2,000 yards, launching them within having a Top 2 offense in the league, something that came as a rarity before Kyle. With that being said this offense is still going to put up big numbers, but there will be times where the play calls don’t work and could potentially lose the game. This offense is looking for Steve Sarkisian to continue the success of this offense and allow it to be a Top 5 offense.

Though the offense will continue to be good, you can expect the Super Bowl hang over to be on the offensive side of the ball. This offense will fall to a Top 10 Offense, especially with the schedule they have going forward into this year, Matt Ryan will barely break 4,000 yards of passing and the running backs will combine for 1,400 yards together. While this offense will still be running effectively, do not expect the same high powered offense from last year.


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