WWE: The likelyhood of seeing Brock Lesnar/ Jon Jones in the UFC has gone down

There has been the feeling going around that we were heading towards a UFC match between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones in early 2018. This began after Jon Jones called Lesnar out after his win at UFC 214 a while back. Well, the likelihood of these two clashing goes down mightily.

There were reports surfacing that Jon Jones had been stripped of his UFC belt after it was discovered that he had tested positive for doping. This happens to be the third time that Jones has been suspend for doping since he has been one of the top guys in the UFC. There has not been any sort of announcement made as far what type of punishment Jones will be facing after the latest hit.

I feel that this future bout between Lesnar and Jones probably won’t happen is I don’t see Jon Jones getting off easy for this latest issue.  I would be shocked if this match isn’t taken off the docket. The WWE will now more than likely retain Lesnar after his contract is up. While Lesnar doesn’t wrestle every week, he does wrestle most of the year. He ends up wrestling at the four major pay-per-views and usually one or two of the lower tier shows.

The WWE needs more big attraction names and someone like a Brock Lesnar can still do that. As far as Jon Jones, I see him getting a lengthy suspension from the UFC and I won’t be surprised if we never see him back in the UFC.  Brock Lesnar made his return to the UFC at UFC 200 when he defeated Mark Hunt in rather fast matter. For a matter of fact, Lesnar was also suspend for failing a drug test like Jon Jones.

It will be interesting to see what Dana White and the UFC truly does with Jon Jones.

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