The Curious Case Of Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson has a chance at being a top-three pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. Although, the Western Kentucky commit might not be taking the best path towards that goal. He is considering sitting out the 2017-18 collegiate season, making him a tough call for NBA scouts.

Western Kentucky thought they had scored the best recruit in the school’s history. Robinson, the 9th best player in the 2017 class according to Rivals, might have had a change of heart after a series of coaching changes at the school. Now it appears that the best center in the nation is finished playing college ball before his career even gets started.

What does a choice like this mean for the career of Robinson? He will definitely be behind the eight ball of other potential 2018 Draft prospects such as Michael Porter Jr. and Marvin Bagley. How many teams are going to want to take a shot on a player that has not played competitive basketball in over a year?

Robinson has visited other schools since Western Kentucky granted his release. He does have the option of playing a year collegiate. Almost any team in their right mind would want him on a roster. That does not seem to matter though, as he has set his mind up on sitting out the season. It is a shame really. College basketball fans are going to miss a great young player.

It is quite rare that a high school basketball star opts to skip college. Emmanuel Mudiay was the most recent, as he played in China after complications with his collegiate career. He would go on to be a top-10 pick in the NBA Draft.

Nothing is a given in the case of Robinson. Although considering he will not play competitive ball for a year, some will say he is going to have a tough time getting into the right frame of mind to play at the highest level. That could very well be true. Other top draft choices in 2018 will have had just come off their NCAA seasons and will have a leg up on Robinson. A move could cost him millions of dollars.

Why Mitchell Robinson does not want to play college basketball is unknown. He would step right into any team and be a vital piece to any rotation. It is a curious move, to say the least, but could result in many other high school stars sitting out a year. Let us just see how far Mitchell Robinson slides in the NBA Draft before we judge his decision.

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