Cleveland Cavaliers: Should Take Michael Porter Jr in 2018 NBA Draft

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now in the driver’s seat of the 2018 NBA Draft. With the trade of Kyrie Irving, the team picked up the Brooklyn Nets unprotected 2018 selection. This means the Cavs will have a chance at a top-three selection. Moreover, if they do, Michael Porter Jr. makes a ton of sense

Let us say the Cavaliers lose LeBron James next off-season. That leaves the team with a monumental hole on its roster. With virtually nothing to fall back on, the 2018 first round pick will be vital to their success in the future. Porter Jr. might be the shining light at the end of the tunnel for Cleveland.

Like LeBron, Porter Jr. is a said to be the total package. Of course not as gifted as James was, there are many who feel Porter is the best prospect in years. He has the whole package. Porter Jr. can shoot, he has the size 6’10”, and he is an athletic freak. He is exactly what the Cavs need to rebuild after LeBron leaves.

Many compare Porter Jr. to Kevin Durant. It is a fair comparison, as both have a similar frame and playing style. Let us say Porter Jr. is the next Durant. Cleveland would not have to look far for their LeBron replacement. That is assuming the Cavs do indeed go into rebuild mode at the end of the 2017-18 season. Because it is, still possible LeBron and company stick together.

If LeBron stays in Cleveland, Porter Jr. would have the perfect mentor. We have seen what LeBron does to make his teammates better. Someone as talented as Porter Jr. would thrive with the leadership of LeBron. He would play the role of Andrew Wiggins, who never played a regular season game with the Cavs after being taken by them first overall.

Of course, no one can guarantee any of this. Porter Jr. might fall out of favor with NBA scouts. The Cavs are not even assured of the top pick. Still, many Cleveland Cavaliers fans will need to pay a lot of attention to Missouri games this year, as Porter Jr. will be on full display.

There are quite a few names on the 2018 radar. However, with his comparisons to Durant, all-around game, and athleticism, Porter Jr. will be the name the Cavs should call if they get the number one pick. He is almost a sure thing and will lead the Cleveland Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals.


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