With A Successful NXT Career Behind Him, It’s Time Bobby Roode Takes Over The Main Roster

There aren’t very many that have the appeal of Bobby Roode. The former NXT Champion will be making his debut on the main roster, and he needs to be in the title picture right away.

If you’re going to give someone a title run going into next year, it ought to be Roode. He’s one of the most decorated stars in the WWE. Already proving to be a major success on the NXT side of things, he’s looking to make his mark on the main roster.

Already 40-years-old, Roode is no spring chicken. This is one reason as to why he should be given a title run rather quickly. Although, Roode should be given the top guy honors for so many more reasons than that. He’s an excellent talker, in-ring worker, and has the crowd eating out of his hand.

A star in TNA ( Global Force ), he’s one of the most decorated champs in that company’s history. He held the TNA Heavyweight title for 256 days. He’s also 6-time tag champ, and King of the Mountain champion. While he will never accomplish the same type of success in WWE ( mostly due to his age ), there are quite a few that think with a WWE title, he could solidify himself as one of the best wrestlers of the last decade.

What can you do with Roode on the main roster? Being at TNA, he’s already had matches with guys like A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle. Putting him in a feud with those names would help re-create some of the classic matches he had. Although, giving Roode a match against someone new would be the logical choice.

Imagine the possibilities of who Roode can face. You’ve got guys like John Cena, Nakamura, and Kevin Owens. Although, if I were to pick one wrestler for Roode, it would definitely be Chris Jericho. The back and forth between the two would be classic. And while that might not be a feud for a title, it’s arguably the most entertaining option the WWE has.

Let’s face it, some wrestlers just have what it takes to be stars. Roode is definitely one of those that can carry a show as it’s Champ. If WWE were smart they’d give him the title quickly. Give him the biggest matches, top opponents, and most screen time, because he’s simply glorious.

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